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ITT: Semon demons in a shit show
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dude she's like 14 just stop
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Yuru Yuri thread

post best brat
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Proof that Yuru Yuri fags are crossboarders cancer from /v/.

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Are you hyped for Zaregoto, /a/?
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It's Shaft so no.
Depends on the director.
Those designs look generic as fuck.

Why don't they die already?
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Why would they, they make good shows.
why would it matter, all the freelancers will show up elsewhere
I literally don't see the reason to hate them.

>not a harem they said

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Finally, video games have become art.
>not a harem

That's nice and all, but can I fuck Elsa?

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When you look at it from far away, seems like some whore legs and ass, with a mini skirt and ZR.
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Rem is fucking ugly.
i refuse to watch this. did she win. are they about to kiss. is he still in love with elf gandhi
She gets cucked so hard she goes into a coma.

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Will Casca ever get fixed?
Also new Berserk chapter is out
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Will it make any difference at his point? Every single Guts companion has become a joke at this point.
> Pringles: You just can't have one
What if everyone reacted to being raped the same way that Casca did?

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So have there been any news released about FLCL 2&3 after Anime Expo?

I'm jonesing hard man I wanna know what's going on.
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This anime was garbage.
This anime was a masterpiece.
The anime was in between masterpiece and garbage.

OK so I just finished Love Live and I thought it was a good anime with cute girls. However, for a show about idols I found the vast majority of the songs to be completely forgettable. I mean, K-on had some pretty good, catchy songs that I immediately went to download and add to my playlist after I finished the show. But I find the songs in Love Live to be boring and they kinda all sound the same. If anything I found the A-RISE songs to be the best ones. I think part of what's happening is that they're supposed to be uplifting/motivational songs judging by the translated lyrics but that effect is sort of lost on me not understanding the song without the lyrics I suppose. Even if I can't understand them I do like catchy anime songs but none of the Love Live songs grabbed me. Anybody else feel the same?
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The songs are okay. If you play the game they'll obviously grow on you.
Idol unit songs are shit by and large
I liked Snow Halation and the OP. The rest I'd agree were forgettable, yeah. The CG didn't help either if you compare to something like Idolmaster.

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One picture says more than a thousand words
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I'm not a narutofag.
That's from the Road to Ninja movie where Naruto and Sakura get sent to an alternate world where Naruto's parents are alive, Hinata has a more aggressive personality, and alternate Naruto is evil.
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It's not from any movie

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Nostalgia Here.jpg
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Does anyone remember this show?
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not much about it, but yeah
for some reason the only part that I can remember is shovel boy coming back from his training with the witch and being able to use a new power because of a fancy jewel he stuck in one of his shovels materia slots
I remember that first villain came back like 10 times cooler and had a waifu.
I remember a tournament or something where a Pink haired cutie was almost naked after the fight, that was one of my first boners

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They arent 3DPD, so not all atleast.
My waifu poops cake and I eat it.

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>It's good because it's just ___ doing ___ things
When will this die?
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Cromartie is good because it's just delinquents doing manly things.
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are you trying to say something about cromartie, motherfucker?
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Because everyone wants to party with a clumsy mage, a tsundere swordman, kill dragons and elope with princesses
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Is that one series about cooking in a dungeon ever getting an anime?
It's one of those threads? OK:
party with the dragon and the tsundere swordman, kill the princess, and elope with the clumsy mage.
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Atelier Tanaka

Read it

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This cockteasing is unbearable, are we really going to get a Floki Forgiveness arc?
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kill him Thorfinn

They're both dumb cunts

It was people like Floki who got Hild's family murdered. Hell, he could be held directly responsible for it, for Thorfinn wouldn't have got on Askeladd's party without Floki's schemes, and he wouldn't have become such an angsty kid either. Holding Thorfinn responsible in the same degree as Floki is bullshit. Killing Floki now would only do good for all parties, but Hild is being a cunt about it.

Fuck it, just pounce on her, bind her up and then go murder Floki. Ditch her on land before heading to Greece if she still insists on being a cunt, good luck finding them from over 9000 nautical miles away.
ITT: underage edgelords

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