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Not as good as chapter 53 though
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I was about to post this.
Finally some new Hinamatsuri chapters.
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This is a manga that involves girls with telekinetic abilities by the way.
I'm going to fast until new chapters come out.

Who's with me?

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Cheating is wrong.
His main girl is his fleshlight. Obviously, we're dealing with some kind of pervert.

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Why do I want to kill myself after reading this?
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I think you are making a little too much out this.
I get that the manga does make you feel bad for punpun but I think you're exaggerating more than quite a bit.
Maybe you could go so far as to actually talk about the manga rather than the usual extreme attentionseeking OP.
>the manga does make you feel bad for punpun
Not really, it made me feel bad because of how much I could relate to him.

Are you even supposed to feel bad for punpun, assuming you're a "normal" person? He's clearly unlikable.
He represents a part of the fears everyone has.
The combination of of shitty childhood and warped surroundings just makes it worse for him.
I'm pretty sure Punpun was designed for being related to.

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Who is the best Jump MC from their fighting anime?
Pic related; all of them.
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Yoh and Yusuke are objectively the best.
>fighting anime
Jojojo is hardly fighting
Most of them are the same shit and you are lumping in WSJ with its sister publications without including all the protagonists from those

All the best Jump series have interesting world building and system structure. The fights are really just a nice bonus if they are actually interesting but its often the most boring part of these titles ironically

I find shoujo series to actually have the most exciting and nerve-wracking fights

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When does Monster get good?
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If you really want to get into it, read the manga instead.
It's still going to be slow as hell though.

It was good for the first 15 episodes, but it's dragging on with tons of filler now. Does the manga not have that?
overrated shit

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Anyone else unironically enjoying this echii edgefest?
Any other manga like this one?
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New chapter when
Like this one in what sense?

If you want something that is a wish fullfillment fantasy thing I can give you a huge list.

If you mean similar in the edgefestival regardless of the genre I can give you a couple of titles only (I'm not really into that stuff)

Anyway for the moment you could check Yakushoku Distpiari and ┬┤Himeshiki no classmate both could float your boat since are edgy ecchi power fantasy

Also Blade Play that is not edgy but is basically fantasy porn like Hajimekata, but in a fun way.
Thanks for the list anon. Edgy wish fulfillment is my thing right now. I've already read the Himeshiki no classmate LN but I'll check the other two out.

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What? what is it?

capcha: church kirby
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Shhh, Chitanda is sleeping
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*pinches a greasy fart in her face*
What a cutie.
Why is her mouth opened?

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Why is imouto incest such a popular fetish?
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Onee-sans are better
it's only popular amongst autists who have no 3d sisters

i guess they like the idea of being close to a female without putting effort into building a relationship like you'd normally do with someone you're interested in
Hahaha you naive fool.

Regardless of whether you have a sister or not, imouto incest is an erotic act. Perhaps it's because it's taboo or perhaps it's the familiarity with the one you grew up with but whichever way it's portrayed it's pretty hot. Unless it's not.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Not really
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>not posting superior fish
Get on my fucking level

Post anime girls that you despise
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worst but easiest sister.jpg
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The only I could fap to her would be to hatefap.
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You didn't even try with the editing.

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Why haven't you watched The Amazing Adventures of Yokoi yet?

It is only 5 minutes an episode.
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i have
>It is only 5 minutes an episode.
because I don't watch anything that is shorter than 20 minutes.
We all have anon.

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How will I know when my waifu finds me, /a/? I just don't feel any sort of really strong feelings towards any of the 2D girls I meet. My life feels so cold and empty without a waifu.
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the waifu thing is a joke dude
Yeah, it's a joke and you two should fuck off
Oh fuck off your kind is the most autistic on this board

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Matt and Sora
Fuck Digimon
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Sora is the guy right?
Fuck the retards that picked up digimon only to ship characters
It was the start of shipping cancer that spread all over the western fandom over 15 years ago
Triggered yet Taiorafags?

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Why is she so shit?
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used goods
She's literally the only good character in Monogatari

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