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Why is the cast of UBW so inferior to the cast of Zero?
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It has Saber in it.

inb4 both has Saber in it. UBW has more Saber in it.

Saber a shit.
Because nasu is such an absolute fucking hack that even Urobuchi is a better writer.
Because it had Waver.

And that shithead Shirou wasn't in it until the end.

The first half of the first season was pretty good. Too bad that the second half went full forced drama.

How is the second season?
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both are good
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>Says SAO is good
>Remembers that /a/ loves moe garbage

I hate this fucking site
I've only just watched it and was surprised how good it was. All I'd heard before was that it were garbage.

Admittedly it doesn't even try to hide that it's self-insert. Nothing inherently wrong with that.

There was one point at which I thought it might get boring. Namely when they went to fight the skull snake thing. But apparently the author thought the same thing and inserted the plot twist ending the first arc at just the right point.

Too bad the the second arc couldn't keep the quality up.

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What am i in for ?
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A bunch of shitposting and spoilers if you don't fuck off and just watch it, retard.
Yoko dies in episode six.

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This manga does things to my pee-pee
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She is a big girl.

I'm kind of amazed that this manga is still ongoing. I thought it was hentai at first.
Big girls are the best

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What is objectively the best comic reader to read your mango with?
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I use mcomix. Is it the best? I don't know. Is it good enough? Yes.

When will these 3 join forces and create Ghibli's spiritual successor?
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Combining mediocre to shit creators won't create anything good. The only hope left is that Anno creates some anime that isn't EVA.
>the only hope left is a hack
Get some taste, nigger.
>Combining mediocre to shit creators won't create anything good
Okay, let's see what you have to sa..
Are you for real?

>[HorribleSubs] Sousei no Onmyouji - 21 [720p].mkv
No thread for the super cute anime original loli?
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Dumping some screenshots in case this dies with no posts.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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>there are people who genuinely prefer the newer version of HxH
A lot, that's why '11 was shit.
Right genuinely looks better and less cluttered.

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off panel rape.png
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Not sure if this is some edgy seinen or a shoujo.
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-pol-'s hero.png
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Holy fuck, this character design is too cute. And it's not in the usual LN illustration way.

How can other studios even compete with this sort of animation? Bones are the undisputed best studio at delivering top action sakuga for their big projects.
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Animation is more about flashy fight scenes. Tales of Zestiria has better animation. Doesn't have a lot of explosions or anything so I have no doubt you will say I'm wrong.
This is the dumbest thing I've read in a while. Congrats.
But Zestiria's good animation is dedicated to flashy fight scenes too.

Panty or Stocking?
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Genuinely tough choice.
>Panty: Super slutty and sexually adventurous, probably fun to hang out with, likes group sex
>Stocking: Super loving and devoted if she likes you, thicc

What do you think about City Hunter /a/?
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It was my Blue's Clues, something I watched everyday just to get comfy.
I can't believe it hasnt been fully scanlated when Family compo has.
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Movie was awesome.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most mediocre animes I have EVER seen.

The story is okay. The idea of earth being assaulted by unknown, quasi-supernatural/technological beings is one that has been handed down through the years, the most famous example being The War of the Worlds (which wins hands down by the way).

Ayanami Rei was okay as a character, but what on earth possesses everyone to raise Ikari Shinji to almost godlike status? The guy is biggest loser in anime (with the exception of Makoto for School Days - Nice Boat), and one of the biggest losers I have even seen in ANY story since Thomas Covenant. I honestly found myself wishing he was a real person so I could smack some sense into him. I've heard it mentioned that he is the most realistic character in the anime, and I have to wonder what planet the people who say such things were born on. I mean honestly.

This wasn't Hideaki Anno's best work by far. Top wo Nerae (Gunbuster), was a far superior sci-fi anime, and the characters were MUCH more believable. The story for Top wo Nerae beats Neon Genesis Evangelion hands down. I can only assume he was suffering from dementia when Evangelion was written.

A suggestion if I may, to end this rant. If you want emotion, trauma, passion, a great story, and all the rest, then watch some of the following animes:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Barefoot Gen
Flanders no Inu (movie)
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
NHK ni Youkoso!
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Top wo Nerae
Grave of the Fireflies
Chrno Crusade

There's a lot more that fit the bill. Watch them, then re-watch evangelion and see if it has the same feeling it did before (I would advise removal of the fluffy pink clouds of nostalgia in your head before rewatching).

I'm going to end this review here. I'm not going to tell you all not to watch this. I just hope that this review makes you consider what actually IS good in anime.
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>watching mediocore ghibli trash
lurk more
Somebody didn't get it.

ITT: bad shows with good first episodes
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You mean good shows with excellent first episodes?
Tokyo Ghoul.
>HellCat never kissed
Fuck this show.

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Why does everyone hate Makoto? He's a pretty cool guy.
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Because everyone else thinks he's hot not cool
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>tfw people consider Makoto a bad person
Uwakoi MC has him beat
Kill yourself.

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