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>1d 17h 44m
First claw arc this monday.
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What chapters are going to be in this episode?
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>Reigen pillow never
I'm so hyped

Name a better outfit than cheongsam + opera gloves.
Sure you can't.
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>low-cut cheongsam

No, you got greedy and ruined it.
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>her butt is so big you see it from the front

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Has 2D gone too far?
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Too far what?
Not at all.
what a fatty

This show is fucking boring.
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It really is. People only like it for the pretty girls.
Guess it was too deep for you my friends.

These are your first years for the semester.
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Still waiting for a translation of this if possible
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Confess my feelings to Saki
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Mahou thread!

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Chapter 17 in Korean
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Forgot the link:

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You have 3 hours with Tomoko. How do you spend them?
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do a 360 and walk the dinosaur
Nonstop kissing.
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1 hour playing video games.1 hour watching anime.Last hour hand holding sex for the purpose of procreation.

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Yuri!!! on Ice starts the 5th of October on TV Asahi.


Also more characters announced -

American - Leo de la Iglesi - Shunichi Toki
Czech - Emil Nekola - Satoshi Hino
Russian - Georgi Popovich - Hatano Wataru

Hatano Wataru will also sing the ending theme 「You Only Live Once」
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Don't complain. They literally mean Yuri is on ice.
Someone better get Tonya Harding'd

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Koito is actually kinda cute
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I want to marry that hottie.
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Jeez, you don't hold back
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She is simply perfect.

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This here lads is a character animation sheet. They are used to guarantee that a character appearance is not left to chance when the animator starts working on it. So that theres a definitive way to draw specific characters.
This way, characters like Goku have specific hair shapes that are drawn when you are drawing a Goku versus when you are drawing something else.

In the sheets, Goku has taken to have four spikes to the side of his head, and Goten three, in order to distinguish them ( in the manga they had the same exact hair).

In the Goku Black arc, Black also has the three hair prongs thing, leading many to believe that he will be revealed to not be Goku. If this means he'll be Goten or something else, is still up in the air.
Shit lads, he might be Goku jr wanting to take his revenge for GT being erased like the shit stain it was.

Episode is coming up soon, tonight we will see "THE IMMORTAL ZAMASU"
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first for whis!
I want Super's character sheet of Goku and Goten before I buy this bullshit even being a theory.
>It's another Black is Goten thread

Back to Gaia with you.

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right foot red.png
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Me on the left
Why is Elly such a slut?

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Funny that the least interesting battleharem anime of the Fall 2015 season was the only one to get its source licensed.

Grabbed a copy of the official English release of Volume 1 because why not. The translation is competent enough as far as I can tell but it's not like the original was a Shakespearean masterpiece in the first place. The translator is Melissa Tanaka who seems to be among the better qualified translators YP has hired overall, so clearly they expect this to sell.

Anyone else bought it?
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Comparison of official (right) and fan (left) translations, out of interest
>Anyone else bought it?
You can read it for free, why buy it
To support the author? To own a tangible copy? To be able to peruse a version that doesn't read like it was spat out of Google Translate via Chinese?

Can other girls even compete? Shirou and Sakura are clearly made for eachother.
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Do you want worms?

Because that is how you get worms.
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I agree. I'd never pick Sakura myself, but Shirou and Sakura go well together. They're both crazy fucks. And they're basically family already.
>Implying the worm situation isn't under control after the grail shenanigans

This man gets it. It's like they've been a married couple for several years already.

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Kochikame Reiko by Oda
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>Kochikame Reiko
literally who
Based Araki.
Left looks like shit.
I wanted to see Honda made by Togashi, sadly he won't draw probably because of his bad back.

>wake up
>see this
What do?
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Kiss him
Stand up.
Kill the disgusting half-breed furry faggot

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