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This is a paid user in Japan
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Her outfit makes me uncomfortable.
Those arms make lots of sense.
I'd pay to use her

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Terra ForMars 192
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The mag scans were exceptionally bad this time round.
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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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First for Dio.
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Gappy makes me happy
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Third for Best Boy

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Every episode: "onii-chan buy me this game" "NO!" "UWAAAA BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT" "It can't be helped" *goes outside and bumps into umaru's classmate* "a-a-a-aaaah o-o-o-o-ni-san" after returning home "umaru still not satisfied, why you didn't buy chips!!"
I tried manga as well, and all what I got was being annoyed by Umaru acting like a piece of trash, first few episodes/chapters were disturbing the way she used everything she could: emotions, manipulation, making mess, lying, in order to get something. In manga she even lied that a bruise was made by her brother (although she ran into a piece of furniture).
On top of that, I expected that her brother would somehow teach her a lesson, but nope, he is just a shallow character like the rest, this whole thing is made to hold Umaru in the center where she can do whatever she wants and nobody will do anything about it. That makes both anime and manga having no plot, other characters exist just to serve Umaru.
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>caring about ratings
Actually Umaru is pretty deep,
but someone who makes shitty threads like this on /a/ naturally wouldn't get it...
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Normie like yourself wouldn't understand anyway

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Why are you not venerating Hime?
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I want to become Hime and masturbate with Aoi Yuuki's voice
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But I do,

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What went wrong?
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Jung my Freud.png
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The 1980's A.K.A the happiest decade in human history ended
Nothing went wrong, you turd. The world became a bunch of bunny girls. A fucking huge improvement.
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Can anyone explain why is she such a weirdo?
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>3 dia threads in a row
She's an idolfag
So are we.

Was it friendship, romance, or pure homosexual lust?
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>LL fags don't know about adolescence
Look at this homewrecker.
Look at it.
All I see is a dead anime mom.

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preparation for the live stream
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There will be a triple fusion to take place to defeat Black. Dude is too powerful for regular fusion.
To use a HxH term, is Black only strong because he's using Ko? Black's punch was caught fairly easily by Vegeta, and even when Black powered up, Vegeta couldn't be budged. Black caught Vegeta with his sword, which Black later transformed back into his aura. In HxH, nen can be concentrated into one part of the body for either defense or attack. Sort of like Piccolo's special beam cannon, as Raditz explained, goes beyond his usual strength because he's able to concentrate all of his ki into only two fingers.

We need confirmation on this, but it seems like Black is actually weaker in pure strength than Goku or Vegeta. He just seems to be faster, more precise and is good at concentrating energy into attacks, which would give Black an interesting dimension to his fighting style and make him special, something I feel more DB characters need.

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Makishima Shougo was in the right.
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About some things.
Makishima did nothing wrong.
I don't care whether he was right or wrong, I just wanted to see him sow chaos all over Japan.

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It's a fucking A-1 Pictures show, so it should be shoddy shit.
Why is this shit so good?!
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How could a show with Yamada in it be anything but great?
Working!! is literally the only reason why I don't shit on A-1 as hard as most people.
Oh, don't worry, it gets shitty eventually

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Is it possible to have a better transformation in DB?
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It's impossible to have a worse transformation. Super Saiyan 4 is overdesigned garbage and only GTfags think otherwise.
>Super Saiyan 4 is overdesigned garbage
i hate gt, but ss4 its badass

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I want to give her my Boston cream donuts, if you catch my drift.
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You made this thread too early.

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Obligatory Tsumug.
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This meme needs to be crucified
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Anyone seen the episode where Tsumugi has to charge the German trenches yet?

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the evangelion of asses bread
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only good thing about the show
It shouldn't be possible to recognize a character by the thumbnail of their ass.
I did too and I didn't even watch the show.

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