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what do you think about Love Lab?
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I think Eno is best girl.
I'd cheat on her with Riko, though.
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I want Maki to be my gf.

I think I want to rub Eno's bushy brows.

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How was this faggot not raped everyday in the military?
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The Knights are honorable
He's the one doing the raping.

>The Knights are adorable

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Just finished this supposed 'Masterpiece'. Can anyone eloquently explain the ending?
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Weird, I just finished it today and wrote the ending off as 14 year-olds being angsty and the Angels being defeated.
"Get out into the Big Blue Room, you disgusting hikki otaku!"

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Can incest save QUALITY CODE?
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>using a rubber

What a fag. Rawdog that shit
I does keep me watching, for sure.
actual incest, or just implied tones with no action?

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ITT: anime girls you can't fap to because you have too much respect for them.
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Quon from RahXephon.
Don't worry, I've fapped enough to Saber to make up for you
respect for what? knowing how to please a man?

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>No shitty love triangle
>Very little forced drama
>Great chemistry between characters as they bond over mysteries
Just finished this and was blown away by how comfy it is. Kyoani managed to do what very few studios can with SOL, make it actually feel somewhat grounded in reality.
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Yeah, it was pretty relaxizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chitanda still needed to get whored out. Imagine the animation quality used to render a scene of her masturbating. Holy fuck I just can't imagine.
Hyouka wasn't a SOL though.

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>vol 5 is all about some nudist, promiscious Christian cultist
>mfw it's actually real
>actually drawn having naked orgies
>they all got burned alive by the good guy faction

And I thought the rape from vol 1 was hardcore as fuck.

The starvation scene from vol 4 was pretty extreme too.

Reminds me of Bratheley no Basha. Only degenerates fap to that.
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Otome Sensou
scanlation where?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I like it

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Why is her body so perfectly perfect?
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>That smile
>That conviction
>That ojou laugh
She truly is perfect
Standard hot girl build. Anna kicks her ass though.
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>That ojou laugh
Someone post it.

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my waifu.
No one. Fuck that.
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Pic related
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You should've seen the one-shot.
> Did he learn the fundamentals
> perspective ???!

Because people have shit tastes. If only the plot was good.
A lot of people are famous for other reasons than the quality of their art.

You come home after a very long and tiresome night shift, only to find this.
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My waifu isn't a girl. Why would I be attracted to that?
Don't know who she is, but I'll take what I can get.

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cutest autist.png
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Why the fuck did the author just randomly stop writing Banner of the Stars?
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He wrote a new novel not too long ago.
He also put out some short story collections in the inbetween on these new volumes. Also Crest/Banner thread?
Is this the story where the space elve gets what she deserves?

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I order you to be my bitch.jpg
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How much blood do you think Baba was shitting during this scene?
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>gg ez'd Rose and her entire goon squad with a cooking knife
>beat so bad she forced them to become her squad's cocksleeves
>Rose becomes Alisha's personal subordinate instead of the other way around

Why is the show so much better then the source material?
Alisha was a total qt3.14 this episode.

She is really the best girl.
Devs realized their mistakes of making female lead and OTP some background character.

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why this slut is wearing a shit flower crown?
looks super ridiculous
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mex haf bred 43.jpg
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She had flowers growing out of her head. Looks festive and kawaii.

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