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Ferris is very beautiful
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gay detected
His name is Felix, you giant homo.
I want to impregnate Ferris-sama!

Just went through this
Did I like it?
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The ending was so garbage

Welcome to Ito
I think it's one of his best endings actually.

Still kinda crappy though.

Uzumaki is in my favorite Ito manga and I think his best work. Enigma of Amigari Fault is a close second.

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shokugeki no souma.jpg
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+ Souma makes more pleb food
+ Fucc boi foodgasms
+ Hisako a cute
- Not enough hisako
+ Spicefag uses spices
+ Nosefag uses nose
+ Junfag junfags
- No Erina
+ No Mehgumi
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Kind of related. How much does S2 skip over the manga?
>No Rindou.
It skipped a whole chapter and some not that much relevant scenes but yeah, it was pretty rushed.

This is so fucking good.

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i mean, if you're a faggot i guess
only a faggot if traps are involved.
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Chapter 2 of Neet's maid story is out, brown maid takes charge at the beach.


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I'm rewatching this.
And also Nodame Cantabile > Toradora
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is this the greatest moment in anime history?
>inb4 streamfag
my internet is trash
Kill yourself.

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So, what do you think so far about SHAFT animating the EXTRA series?
So far we've got the CCC and Extella opening.
They had a lot of time to prepare these short animations and yet, they are full of quality and what the fuck was that disco part at the end of the Extella OP?
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This is anime related though.
CCC opening was great, both music and animation-wise

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concrete rev.png
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Why did so few people like Concrete Revolutio?
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>so few people like Concrete Revolutio
It's a bones original which means the story is a retarded mess.
the script is borderline incomprehensible
I can just get the sakuga from threads or whatever
mob psycho 100 is the same shit to a lesser degree

Steph is cute, very pretty and not an idiot!
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She's a Steph.
She's fictional.
She's just a steph.

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Sleeves > Maths > the rest
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commendable taste
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Good taste anon
>Ougi will never cutely ask you to save her life

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>Misa is willingly a literal slave to Light
>tells Light she'd be fine being used, she worships him
>Light doesn't mercilessly ravage her throat with his rod of justice every night then have her sit on his face
I mean I know he's autistic but come on, this is supposed to be a fairly realistic show
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Yes we know, Misa a shit.
You watched the show and didn't even realize that Light and L were gay?
Don't be retarded, anon. Everyone knows that Light is asexual.

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Why exactly do so many people hate Makoto?
Yes, he cheated on Kotonoha and slept around with all the girls but really, who gives a shit? All the characters in the anime were either retarded or assholes anyways, why do you care if Makoto is a shitty person in a cast of shitty people? And its not like he's a special snowflake: just look at all the MCs of harem anime, they all have girls lusting for their dicks, Makoto was just the only one that noticed and took advantage of that. The harem genre is just a self-fulling fantasy, how many of you would have done the same if you were thrust into the same situation?
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Real edgy there.

*tips dick*
Nobody will ever be in a school with so many retarded people
Nobody cares about this show anymore
>how many of you would have done the same if you were thrust into the same situation?

Honestly? I would if I were in high school or whatever the fuck he was at. We're young, we just need to experiment and live life.

What do you guys think about the FUNI/CR collaboration?



I'm hopeful this might mean the end of hardsubs,since CR will also offer FUNI releases.
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I don't give a fuck about your garbage normalfags site for casual weebs.
I'm obviously talking about the effect on the rips provided by horriblesubs here.

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Which anime girl would you turn into?
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That's a really SHIT looking Erza.
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Any godly fuckslut.
Ikr, not edgy enough

When will this fucking cunt and his shitty harem fuck off already? What the fuck was Kamachi thinking when he decided to make him the focus of 4 fucking volumes?

Seriously, this Gary Stu, his retarded asspulls and horrible harem make even Kirito seem like an interesting character.
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But he is just your average highschool boy you can find anywhere.
Any news about NT17?
Misaki best girl

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How old is too old?
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Kill yourself
14, but there are exceptions, like Komari for example.

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