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Is this actually good or is it just a meme show?
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It's alright. Definitely worth watching.
It's a shitfest, don't watch it.
Why not try out for yourself?

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Digimon Adventure.jpg
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What did you think about this show /a/?
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the short and sweet story arc with good pacing and character driven plot outshined Pokemon in the 90's, after the initial hit of the first season they managed to capitalise on the success by having a good time skip season where your beloved protagonists matured in age.
After 3~5 or so sagas/seasons it finally ran out of steam but overall it was comfy while it lasted.
Digimon 2 (or whatever its called) is better.



I like how they have so many different charachters to expand on. Pokemon had like 3 maximum and Digimon starts off with seven, not counting the digimons.

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Character profiles are up
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This is your gambling opponent for the day.

Place your bet, please.
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My virginity.
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>Sept. 21, 2016

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Why doesn't /a/ talk about this show more, its brilliant. does /a/ have shit taste?
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It's pretty meh so far and not even close to the levels of Aria.
It gets one long thread on the day it airs. That's good enough really.

no, there really needs to be an Amanchu general up 24/7, perhaps with aria too.

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Post your favorite stages, races, BEAT up EUROS and overall Initial D related stuff.
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Let's start up with a BEATfu chain
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First stage: 11/10
Second stage: 8/10
Third stage: 6/10
Fourth stage: 6.5/10
Fifth stage: 7/10
Final stage: 7/10

Extra stage 1: 6/10
Extra stage 2: 5/10
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Fav race would be Takumi vs. Impact blue. He really showed off his skills to the fullest extent.

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I never thought I would want the guy friend to win mc so bad
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Oh shit
Why? He doesnt do anything besides being passive agressive and mouth rape the guy in his sleep
This series is a serious case of blue balls. 104 chapters and they haven't even attempted to confront the homo issue because MC's bitches keep interrupting everything.

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Name a better harem series.

PROTIP: You can't.
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Mah boi Nagi having the best hairdo and the best girls
Everyone agrees Sugisaki Ken is the harem king so no need to post others.

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Christmas Cakes are for...
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walking home gently
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cow ninja.jpg
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>Fuyukai desu
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Just watched the entire series and it was surprisingly excellent. Why don't you guys ever talk about this?
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The first season was good
The space travel shit was... kinda shit, but still funny sometimes
The only good parts are the SA1-2 arcs, the Sonic Battle episodes where Cream had to kill her best friend at the end, and the final season. The rest is genuine Saturday cartoon shit, complete with a ridiculously out of place human cast that seems to exist for the sole sake of being PC (seriously, there's everything from a wheelchair girl to a Mexican maid).
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>Didn't I warn you to behave?

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Murata's streaming yet again, redeeming himself for yet another missed deadline it seems.

Also Psykos.

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So are we FINALLY getting to MA?

Hopefully. Some anon in another thread said Murata was gonna release 70 pages this time.

Also Sneck is rip.
He's beatboxing

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>this happened four years ago and anime still isn't over
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RIP pan-chan
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>No new season best comfy anime with best MC
>only thing left that's half decent is kyoanus ruining more source material
I wish I could remember the sound I made when I first saw the punchline "Time Paradog"

I'm sure it was a noise worth recording

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molecular divider.webm
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He's pulled a lot of bullshit, but this takes the cake.
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its just getting silly now.png
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The show is only good when onii-sama kicks ass though
You talkin' shit about Onii-sama?

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N Girl 4koma will begin in SIF at the end of this month.
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Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!
She's who we used to think Chika was.

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