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short soon
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Also have two scans from pulupulu69
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Tsurezurenaru again
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scan 2

If anyone has a large version of that pic of plasmagica at the beach in summer outfits can you post it? It's in pulupulu69 but I think I've seen it online before so I might not need to scan it

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protect that smile.jpg
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I am starting this waifu thread for reasons.

Now post your waifu.
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>having a waifu
>not having a waifu
>being a normie>>147109853

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Left or right?
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Man I've been holding onto these stocks forever. Are they finally gonna rise?
Always left
Maybe you'll get a short term bump
Sell while you can

Have you ever considered masturbating to an anime character?
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Seems like it's your first time and you're pretty confused, but it's perfectly normal.
Heavens no! They are just drawings made on a computer, why would anyone fap to that?
>fapping to pixels
what? Go otu and get a girlfriend if you start having those kind of thoughts

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Death by tea soon.
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choose your bulma
DB and DBZ are canon.

DBGT and DBS are not canon.
Hey mom look I can bait.
Super is canon, wrote by Akira... You really are brain dead aren't you.

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Say something nice about Umaru
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She's cute!
Cute, I say!
Funnier than Garfield.
She's somewhat likable in her human form.

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What the fuck went wrong? Jesus Christ.
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It's KyoAni shit. What did you expect?
At least it wasn't Phantom World
Season 1 was good and had a message at the end of it.

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Maou Service.png
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Welcome to MgRonalds.May I take your order?
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Two double cheesburgers please.
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I'll have a chicken nugger meal

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Why is this so insanely sexy?
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Because socks and feet
You would like Garden of Words
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It's fucked.
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Where were you when pokemon became a high school slice of life harem shit?

>The anime series is Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon and will air in November. In it, Ash will receive a Z Ring and meet the Melemele Island Guardian, Tapu Koko. In the series, Ash is going to school and his goal is to graduate "like never before".
At least he looks a 10 yo kid now.

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What else comes close?
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you have to be more specific than that. Kensin's OVA's are so good, the OST is god tier, the last sequence, its just unforgettable.

IMHO Wings of honneamise is among the best movies, along with many of Satoshi Kon.

Wings is kinda slow, but its a showcase on extremely good animation, and those days seems to be long gone. I know every now and then are good animation threads, but this movie is full to the brim with top notch stuff.
How exactly should I be more specific?

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Which Fate is better?
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Prove me wrong
Fate T. Harlown.

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We anime now
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We did it

Looks terrible
My opinion on this is the same as my opinion on the manga itself.


>girl kisses him
>pushes her away

literally gay and autistic
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He is Gundam.

āļ·not gay because he is gundam not human
Well he did the right thing, they both should get checked for STDs before they initiate any body fluid transfer or intimate contract

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Why aren't you at work/school, anon?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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Annie is shit
Annie is jew
Annie devours cocks like titans devour SL members
Annie is a cancer upon the universe
Annie has done everything wrong and is dispicable monster through and through that deserves to die in the most agonizing way mankind can possibly imagine

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