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Could it be fixed? Or was it perfect?
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It was perfect.
The first several episodes were rushed. Hughes' death only had feeling because of the 2003 version.
For perfection you need you to watch the first FMA

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>Come home.
>See this.
>What do you say?
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Time for Coach's private lessons.
>Y-you too.
>let's make another soccer team together

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I'm the only one that gets turn on with Kyoto Animation character design?
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Yeah, so?
They do great design work.
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Of course not.

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Post action webms
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This girl right here is honestly the most rounded female character in the past 7 years.
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My dick disagrees.
Retarded yuribait with 0 depth and a stupid haircut.
Her stupid haircut is the only good thing about the anime.

What will happen tomorrow? Jabberwock, more of the Killing Game, an entire episode of Hagakure and Togami antics, a mix of these, or something else entirely?
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Why the fuck is Ryouta a branch head?

Like, who saw a mentally fragile young man, who'd greatest skill is animation, and thought 'Yeah, there's a good candidate to lead hundreds of people in the battle against Despair'.

For that matter, why the fuck are all the Branch Leader's Ultimate's?

I mean, some of them have useful skills, but why the hell would you put a wrestler in charge of a branch?

I mean, the skills of a branch leader would demand leadership, organization and sound judgement, something maybe half the shown Ultimate characters display.

To begin with, people with specialized production skills like Blacksmithing, Chemistry and the like shouldn't be given leadership positions, because having to waste time leading means they can't be doing the thing you hired them for in the first place.

Would it really have shat on their ego's so much to use non-Ultimate's in Branch positions?

>izayoi and Andou are co-dependent
>Make them heads of seperate branches
>Both of their actual skills are completely unrelated to leading, and require time and effort
>they aren't even good at talking to others

Holy shit, now that I think about it, why didn't the Future Foundation just collapse?
>Juzo was possibly THE WORST head of security in the history of the worl
>Occupies pretty much the same position in the FF
No wonder the world fell apart

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chiaki ultimate.png
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TFW ur not even supposed to BE in this anime
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>Hinata-kun, it seems my panties are wet
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NaegiXIkusaba is the canon OTP.
Even Mikan was confused by that in the most recent episode.

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Episode 24: Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight (自称騎士と最優の騎士)
Final episode: A Story That's Just That (ただそれだけの物語)

Volume 9 in Sept 25
Volume 10 in October

Will we see roadkill uncle Pete?
Will the last episode be 50min long?
Why is Subaru wearing a cape so moe?
>S2 never
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>Will the last episode be 50min long?

Yes. I'm 100% sure.
emilia a shit, a SHIT

anyone else (especially rem) a best, A BEST
>the state of /a/ a week from now

I can't wait

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>147038948
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nth for artificially inflating your retention and pushing away words that need help
Is there any audiobook version of tae kim with no pronunciation errors? I wanna try and not cement any I might be making

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Why doesn't Lailah just make Rose the Shepherd instead?
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Who else who leave their fishing nets behind and follow Alisha?
Baba's making the threads now. has it really come to this?
She's quite the semen temptress


In case you guys still want to vote for the 'Best final battle of the JoJo series', the link is here:


So far Gyro and Johnny vs Valentine is winning.
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Where is my JoJo kart racer?
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Squelp makes me happy
I hope that retard stays in the last thread.

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How is she easily best girl?
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needs to be bullied
You cant be the best girl and have terrible hygiene. Someone post a laughing Hajime bullying Saionji
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I want to get handcuffed to her and fix her

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>Hayate's last words to Mirage is to protect Freyja

Where were you when Mirage got buddyzoned hard?
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<<Where are subs?>>
GG's been on a role lately so maybe tonight or shortly after midnight.
Are you that ace combat shitposter or are you a fucking newfag who just picks any shitposting epic memes he sees in these threads?

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Why not just wish for all ningens to die?
Also in the future timeline goku never met with zamasu therefore Whis theory makes no sense
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Why is Goku somehow not in the afterlife in trunks timeline?

He dies in the main timeline like 3 times and is still able to help when its dire.

Future Goku for some reason seems like an ass.
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How long have you been watching this show? It's been running for over a year now and you STILL don't realize its writing is shit? And I mean literally shit, as in I could take a dump right now and my excrement would be more thoughtprovoking than DBS.

I refuse to believe anyone watches this for any other reason than nostalgia, obligation or a combination of the two.
I watch it because it's a damn good anime

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Megane You.

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I want to give her all my semen.
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Gappy makes me Happy.png
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