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Koe no Katachi manga deserved better adaptation.
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>6 months of people pretending it's bad and shitposting
Is it out yet
Yes, it was shit.

Only got 2nd in Box Office in its weekend release. Lol, SHAFT could've done better than that, the No. 1 wasn't even that high in sales.

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>explosions in New York
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Aqua-sama is better.
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And Darkness is the best.
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You're all sluts

What was the point of the tan?
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To be cute.
Delicious sex.
Was getting tan part of her plan?

>oh shit, why was i kidnapped from my own world
>let me return my waifu's charm first though
>oh hey, i better figure out this death respond thing, huh?
>oh, i better keep an eye out for that assasin too!
>alright, time to learn to be a butler
>oh no, i should figure out whats killing me from a village first
>did i forget to mention im also figuring out who trying to kill me in the mansion?
>wait up guys, i need to learn about special elemental powers real quick
>alright, now i can focus on getting this waifu to be an empress
>no yeah, she has plenty of screen time to be a love interest
>oh yeah, death respawn was a thing huh?
>oh no, a witch cult with crazy powers is after me
>time for some character development for a girl that gets shafted
>oh shit, better make sure ancient spirit doesnt destroy the earth
>first let me deal with an ancient white whale though
>time for 10 minutes of rejection with a girl that doesn't matter
>nah, she'll do whatever i want
>of course she's her own individual
>i have to deal with different factions ran by waifus now
>oh shit, That whale can make people dissapear from existence!
>nah, it's not really a big deal
>yeah, this is my third supporting cast in 22 episodes, so?
>alright, time to take on witch cult, remember them?
>oh shit, i got possessed and died!
>i wonder what that's all about
>oh, i guess we do know what it's about

Do people actually think this shit is good?
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I mean if you simplify everything like that, then you can make anything look dumb.
The plot makes a lot more sense to me if I assume his endgame is just to get it in with the elf chick
Anon, I can generalize alot things from that pattern with ANY GOOD SERIES and it would look dumb as the template you made.

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heero kenzan
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Tomo to become a superhero.
How many bones did she break

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Is this the greatest surprise plot twist in all of anime?
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What was his name again?

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>short hair
>under 5'3

Are all the worst traits in a waifu
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But I don't want a waifu that's bigger than me.
>Aqua is 5'1"
fucking womanlets
No fucking way she's that short

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Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.

Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one thread up about this.

Previous thread >>147371130

We know, that we can't decide these things with polls since most voters don't take it seriously. Let's decide it by repeating digits. Post your favourite rule and if it gets repeating digits it is valid rule until other rule beats it with more digits.
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Keep your shit in one thread, attention whore


Drink bleach and lie down on the highway you cocksucker shitstain.

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Show me at least five examples of uncensored human female genitals depicted in a non-pornographic anime. Bonus points if it's a family/child-oriented anime, like several shown in the pic (e.g. Super Radical Gag Family, Doraemon, Shin-chan, Digimon, Ojamajo Doremi (which is a show specifically intended for little girls, jesus christ), Gash Bell, and Beelzebub).
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No one wants to see gross vagina so they don't show it. I thought everyone knew that.
don't tell me what to do
thanks ms. whitehouse

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What are you talking about, this never happened.
Every anime in existence?

I heard it was bad, but damn, this was worse than I could have ever imagined. I saw Earthsea before and even that wasn't as bad as this.

What is up with half the cast having bipolar disorder? What does the war have to do with anything? What the hell happened in the last third of the movie and the ending? Who the fuck put cocaine in Miyazaki's tea when he was writing this? And most importantly, WHY did he have to spend ten minutes showing us two disgusting sweating old women walk up a flight of stairs?

The animation and soundtrack were great, but my god this was probably the worst anime movie I have ever seen. People say Miyazaki is better than Shinkai or Hosoda or whoever, but I don't know how when this movie exists. What happened here, /a/? Did he go senile after winning that Oscar?
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I agree with you. The movie was all glitter but no substance. At least I manage to watch it to the wnd though, unlike Arietta which I just drop half-a-way. In my opinion Gibli should only do only their original work,not adapting western literature. Even if the source material is good, it simply not work with their style of storytelling. I like When Manie was there, though.
I like it. It's weaker then other Miyazaki's but is still above 90% of anime
Arrietty was fine but somewhat bland. Much better than this turd of a movie. Haven't seen Marnie yet.

It's above 90% of anime in production values, everything else was fucking horrible.

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The original Sento.
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Sento is a combination of kuudere and dandere. Chidori is more a confident school girl with some tsundere elements that were executed very well--so that she didn't across as an annoying twat.
Why do people like the first season of FMP.
It's some of the most generic shit I've seen. It's literally on the same level as Chrome shelled Regios.
Literally who

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New episode is out.
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Will Noctis ever be able to appreciate a good burger?
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/ss/ doujins when

Second season of Okusama ga saitokaichou! Coming out next month!
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Eh the manga is better.
Hate these boob pimples.
Me too, it just looks the tits are made of plastic or it's some skin cancer

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New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZDGrL2bDOQ

So who is watching this? It seems to be a TV series and not an OAV series like Hellsing ultimate.
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so you want to see a black screen?
Art looks fine, but animation is pretty medicore from what I can tell.
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The 1st two episode are already as a special OAV.

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