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you wish you had friends like this
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I just wish I had friends
How many chapters until he derps again?
Isn't he the traitor?

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Onee-sans > Imoutos. Forever and always.

Prove me wrong.

You can't.
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why not both?
You are wrong.
What about onee-sans that look like imoutos?

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This show is excruciating. I know it's meant to be relaxing, but it crosses the line from "relaxing" into "extremely boring" at 90mph and keeps going, hurtling at breakneck pace towards "ennui-inducing sedative" territory.

Not a single character in this show has anything to them at all beyond a single trait.

How is the third series of this show one of the most revered and highly-rated anime of all time? Does it get better? I'm on episode 8 of Aria: The Animation and I don't think I can take any more 20 minute doses of a boat moving slowly around.

On top of it all, Akari is just annoying. Imagine inviting Akari to a party. "Hey, good party, right Akari?" you'd say. Then she'd burst out crying and say "Maybe... maybe it's a miracle that we're all here, all of us together at this party. I'm so happy." And you'd be like, "uhhh, it's just a party dude", then you'd feel uneasy the rest of the night while that saccharine pink haired idiot sobs with ecstasy in the corner.

Non Non Biyori kicks the everloving shit out of this.
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Read the manga.
I agree
But if some people need "healing" whathever this is supposed to heal then good for them
You need a certain mental maturity to enjoy it. I was too childish when I picked up Aria for the first time.
But 5 years later I loved it.

One of the best chapters is finally posted on batoto.

IIRC, the translation is done up to chap 59, waiting to finish typesetting and redraw.
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Starting one of these because I'm a giant fag for them, and somebody's got to do it.
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+xxxHolic, Madoka Magica
+Serial Experiments Lain

Did you ever read Tsubasa Chronicles? (Don't watch it, the anime was shit.) It ran parallel to xxxHolic and I actually liked it a lot better.
Is it similar to xxxHolic? I liked the whole supernatural mystery xxxHolic had going on.

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>#1 in the Japanese box office for more than 3 weeks and quickly went beyond its projected gross of 6 billion Yen
>Overwhelmingly positive reception from critics and fans alike
>Hailed as ushering the beginning of a new age in anime
>Novelization and soundtrack selling like hotcakes to boot

So we can all agree that the only ones talking shit about Shinkai and this movie are contrarians, autists, angry Shaftfags and KyoAnuslickers, and typical shitposters who probably haven't even seen this movie, right?
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How come? It's so bad.

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Is Okabe one of the top 5 protagonist of all time?
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Perhaps but he's not in first place.
>pic related
Sadly he is sixth from the top. He falls behind Subaru, Yukiteru, Shirou, Kirito and Shinji.
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Why are shoujo girls so pure?
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>shoujo girls
Any slutty shoujo girls?
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Well here's a preview of the dub. It's weird hearing Kari and Gatomon with different voices, but Mimi is still intact, and that makes me happy.

So far, I'm liking it.

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Yeah, Kari's voice has me fucked up. Mimi and Sora's are spot on. They even sound older in regards to their ages.
Does anybody know when the dub will be released outside of theaters?
Why is the former VA of Kari no longer voicing Kari?

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What's so great about the Megumeme?
Her love for explosions?
Her hat?
Her young developing body?
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Her innocence.
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This is lewd but thats ok
I have this coming in the mail. One must always lewd the Megumin.

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Big brother, can I sleep with you tonight?
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Momoka, how did you get in my house?
No, sleep in your own damn bed you little sheet pisser.
Sorry sister but the only thing that gets to sleep with me is JUSTICE!

Hero Mode Activate!

*fall asleep with my outfit on

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Praise Asuka.
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We love Rei!
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Mah nigga.

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So /a/, are SHAFT hacks or are they geniuses?
Let's face it, the jury's in one way or the other at this point.
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They are closer to hacks than geniuses
Neither really, just like any a whole bunch other studios. At their best in the Team Shinbo era they made some of the most creative and entertaining anime the industry had to offer at their worst more recently they have just been making pale half assed attempts at imitating that which they had previously achieved.
Why do they use powerpoint slides in their animation?

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Would you hire this lazy maid to clean your house?
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I'd hire her to clean my dick.
No. I need my house cleaned and I can find a hot maid who actually does shit.

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