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Is Ash Crow out yet?
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>still no forces 2016
the wait is killing me
why haven't the chinks illegally uploaded this one yet

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Why are shows like K-on so popular? Nothing seems to ever happen in them.
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Ritsu is so cute
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The cutest
I'm skinny though

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This is a great show. Shame you guy never talk about it, or I'd have watched it much earlier.

Are the "new" seasons good?
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There are occasional threads for it.

The newer seasons aren't terrible but you get the faggot pokemon. They don't really match up against the first 3 seasons.
Shame, but sounds worth trying.
I also liked Slayers Great movie. The other two sucked though.
>Shame you guy never talk about it

/a/ doesn't really discuss older anime at all, no matter how good it was

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Chapter 3 is out.
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Guess I'll dump
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does she take her eyes off at home?
from what I get, the actual "at-home" Subaru is much more often naked and fucked (and fucking) than actually busy being crude and megane'd

Only for an hour a day

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Am I correct assuming this show is fujoshi-bait? Should I as a guy kill myself for enjoying it as much as I did?

Osomatsu thread
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if you want to
No way. Every suicide like that gives fujoshits more influence.

Also you shouldn't let shitty fanbases ruin what you enjoy or something.
If something as entertaining as Osomatsu san is just fujobait then there's clearly nothing wrong with fujobait. It's genuinely funny.

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ITT: Girls who didn't win but should have
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Tomoyo a shit.
NTR so bad it would kill a man.

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Your plan has gone so wrong that you've resorted to shitposting on an anonymous image board? For shame.
Get out bitch
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Ahh come on, it's not like you actually have a plan

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Legit question:

Has anyone tapped Nami?
Or alternatively, how did they go for 4-5 years with her half naked all the time without wanting to jump her?
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Sex doesn't exist in One Piece.
> how did they go for 4-5 years

6 months is half a year
I think pre time skip adventure was like one month only

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>watch kotonoha no niwa
>its shit with good animation

>watch 5 wallpapers per second
>its shit with good animation

>watch kimi no na wa
>guess what

Why do i fall for this shit over and over again?
Why can't there be a movie like this but with actuall payoff like a kiss, hugs, post-credit happy ending scene or maybe even a fucking sex scene, go full vanilla hentai and make it cute, ANYTHING.

Why can't we have nice things? I'm so sick of it holy shit.
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Not all relationships work out.
Shinkai doesn't know how to write a relationship with closure because he's never been in one himself
I guess Shinkai was rejected his whole life and can only make the same thing over and over.

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What's everyone's opinions on coloured manga here? I'm not talking about fan colours, but official coloured releases like with JoJo and Yugioh.
Pic related, Death Note looks great in colour.
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I like having one of the first pages in color. Especially for female characters. It makes the rest of the manga better to me.
I think that some coloured pages are a nice addition to the weekly or monthly releases.

I assume it's for a special occasion or when the manga did particularly well in the popularity polls.

If we're talking about a full coloured manga however, I don't really enjoy it. It lacks the intensity of black and white.

Regarding Death Note, it's looks great.
If the original is black-and-white, it's generally designed with that in mind and is best left that way.

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What the fuck is this show? 2 eps in and I feel like it's a masterpiece but I have no clue why.
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I just really liked the music and the action, it fit really well together.
/a/ told you it's a masterpiece, that's why.
Good, good, now add it to your 3x3 and laugh at all the plebs who think it's shit. Just be careful not to think about it, lest you become one of the plebs.

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>New Game
>Yuru Yuri

How do you feel about this anime studio
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Good animation, directing. Their shows are usually gems.
I can't really get into New Game because I can't relate to what they do. The characters aren't that entertaining by themselves.
Good smears. Shit on everything else.

>Most popular mainstream Japanese anime magazine
>Consistently advertises FSS, an ancient manga that modern Otaku don't give a shit about

Why? How would Aniplex and Kadokawa allow a MANGA work that doesn't shill their seasonal anime to have such a prime-time spot?
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Are you really so confused about it you felt the need to make a post about it?
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Considering Newtype is the #1 anime magazine in Japan, and people here on /a/ pay so much attention to its character popularity polls, yeah, it's fucking bizarre. Advertising an obscure old manga over a bunch of other seasonal anime and movies from big corporate backers? The fuck is going on?
I'll give you a hint. The FSS manga is fucking published in Newtype.

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Kyoto_Animation_logo.svg (1).png
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>Koe no Katachi will flop and be a mediocre anime caked in filters just like everything Yamada has directed
>Hibike 2 will be melodramatic yuribait garbage just like season 1, and everyone knows KyoAni sequels are always bad
>Violet Evergarden will require KyoAni to leave their comfort zone and thus it will be shit just like Phantom World

How would you save KyoAni?
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spamming and flooding are forbidden by global rule 10
>Koe no Katachi will shape the future of Japan
>Hibike 2 will be better than S1 because of their great track record for sequels
>VEG will be a masterpiece

Can't fucking wait. TYBKA.
The studiowar quota is still full.

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