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Which mangaka draws the best and most expressive faces?
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How do you feel about maids?
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Maids are for ____
Browns are for ____

Brown Maids are for ________

Into the >>>/trash/
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I dont understand the problem. are you more of a tensai guy?

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What would you do in this situation?
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Become a meat dildo.
Did they fuck his brains out in the end?
post more.

Why is Natsumi so based?
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She truly is best girl.

>tfw you'll never move into the house next to Natsumi
>tfw you'll never become childhood friends and grow up together
>tfw you'll never start a relationship and raise a family with your qt tomboy countrybumpkin gf
>tfw you'll never catch bugs together
>you will never grow up in the Japanese countryside


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Why is the tournament arc such a common arc in shonen? Is it a cultural thing? Or is it something else?
Is it that shonen authors are fucking hacks?
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>he hates tournament arcs
A showcase of skills learnt and an opportunity to do some worldbuilding. It's hype as fuck too. How can you not like it?
Because it's an easy excuse to get people to fight and show off powers.

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Let's start this with more casual discussion :
>what are you watching right now ?
>favorite sequences/animation from the show you're watching right now ?
>what are you going to watch in next seasons ? (reasons, expectation)

Also, feel free if you want to continue the discussion from yesterday >>147202948

>Flip Flappers advanced screening (episode 1-4), on September 22nd (Thursday).

Not really needed, but you can use this if you are completely new to this :
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>backlink to last thread
No, stop that.
Generals are cancer.
Just keep your shit in IRC.
>mob psycho is the best animated show since space dandy
>flip flappers might top it

Do you think it's possible for her to win or is the plot too much?

Is there even a manga where such a girl wins ever...
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I don't care. As long as she's happy that is.
She doesn't seem happy at all in these recent chapters...
I'm not giving up hope. MC might realize she's the best option depending on how she and worst girl react to his reveal.

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What makes your average animu composer better than someone like Hans Zimmer?
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Nothing does because they're not. Don't be a fucking retard.

Yeah same.
Feels like animu composers draw on more styles AND instruments in comparison to Hollywood which give their music a lot more variation and character whereas Hollywood especially feels very one-note a lot of the time (only ever drawing on orchestral+le epic latin choirs, or something like sad violin/piano).
I think what you mean to say is that Hollywood music is melody memery.
In short it's catchy trash.

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Why is this so arousing?
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Everyone loves to unwrap presents

it's vulnerable
Thes best
Kyoani is great at this shit and girls don't even realize there's fan service, so you can watch without fear

Hyouka was a dream

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ITT post characters literally no one remembers.
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I can't since i can't remember her.

But it's ok since
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RIP jun's butthole
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Fuck, I was about to make a thread because I didn't see one yet.
So Tomo is going to save him and get injured and that will be the moment he starts his training?
>tfw you were the quiet smart kid in school who played games during recess and never got bullied for it.

Maybe I was one of the lucky ones?

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How long we will have to wait before part 5 gets animated once they finish part 4?
when's the new episode?or did i miss it?
It's coming out today, it should be up dubbed in few hours

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Can a miracle happen?
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Who fucking cares please end this shitty arc
If a miracle does happen, then I'm going to laugh harder than I did at how fucking ridiculous the 10 minute execution was. Throwing an entire samurai arsenal at this one gamer bitch trying to get through a maze.

Final death scene was OK, though.
their boy juzo is a fuckin gaylord

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Time to settle who is to blame:


Pic unrelated
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Worst girl:

Best girl:

Best boy:

Worst boy:
Anyone who doesn't vote Junko is pretty beyond delusional
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>Got BTFO by Junko
>Got BTFO by the man he loved
>Got cucked by a woman


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How cute.png
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How could you let the first thread die
You just can't let Jag make it when he's done, can you?
Yeah let's keep a thread with a quality of a general for 9 hours. Much better than just waiting.

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