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Extella OP is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO2w29PwoFk
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Actual trailer for the Extra anime when
3 weeks before it airs
>All of the faggots in the comments going MUH UFOTABLE when Shaft is doing the OP
This will be genuinely unbearable when the actual show comes out

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It's out

What's Fraudrin's endgame now?
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How many commandments are there left to job?
Damn, and Greyroad's commandment was the most hax we'd seen so far.

I guess the ten commandments are just about done.
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Merlin is great

They finally gave Emilia ample screentime. Thank god. Best girl.

Why didn't she notice Subaru when Subaru took off his robe though?
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The robe has magic to avoid recognition.

It was mentioned in the episode, anon.
Yes, but Subaru already took it off when Emilia was gonna leave.
Emilia still remains boring and plain.

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part 4 was amazing, even more amazing because it didn't have the last minute carnage that part 3 had

You have just impregnated your ship!

Will you take responsibility?
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Kaga-san sugoi!
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She'll make me sign those papers forcibly.

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would you a pickle
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> TTF will never take the hemiknot from a dragonwrought Kobold
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Zombina's Shitpost.png
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Zombina is the Superior Girl
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Beware of the power of TTF, the destroyer of threads! But it only happens when he gets bullied enough.

Will today be the day for them?
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Adult Hiyoko was a mistake
You know why you know nothing
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Nine episodes in, it's time to decide.


BONUS: http://www.strawpoll.me/11185357

Mate, that's the finest piece of fanart I've ever seen.

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Does /a/ like wolf girls?
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damn right
That's a yappy ass lapdog.
What was the name of this series? Did the next translated chapter come out? Last I read was the koala cooking chapter.

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Read the guide

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Cute Nico.
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Who is your cutest fig in your collection?
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another doll that simply doesn't look like the character she is supposed to look like.

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This is your date for the night.
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I'd cancel it.
Why is she already naked? Can I see her medical records?
Stand her up and stay home. Ignore her barrage of angry texts.

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The irrelevance hits the OP

Now let's wait for stuff to see or translations that we will be grateful until we learn japanese.
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I want to make love to Shizuka and invite her to move into my apartment!
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I claim this thread in the name of Duce
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>less facebook meme OP edition
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1st for GT is canon
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supreme kai is best kai

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ITT: Characters with canon huge dicks
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He's spineless but he is hung
It's not referenced as much anymore but my boy Ippo will always be japanase champion in a python contest.
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>"Back in the 70s and 80s, animated shows were made for a much wider general public so there were many more general corporations that would sponsor general shows. But since the 1990s, animated shows became geared more towards a deeper and narrower audience, so they became increasingly subsidized by DVD and prerecorded VHS sales. Thanks to that, my shows such as Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo could have creative freedom. However, since the 2000s, there has been a sharp decline in home video sales, so it has been difficult for productions to recoup production costs. Because of that, companies have become increasingly conservative and only venture to make shows that would ensure sales such as moe titles. That has been the issue since around the millennium. Around that time, I myself had a lot of experimental or adventurous titles that I pitched and pretty much all of them went on hiatus. Basically when I tossed the pitch to companies, the first question back would be, 'so, where’s the pretty girl?'"

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>this thread again
>"A lot of animation is extremely 'samey"
>anime was almost nothing but science-fiction robots and beautiful little girls, and it just gets boring after a while.
>Animation based on popular comic books and giant robots and big-eyed girls with shamefully skimpy costumes will continue to fill the screen."
-Kon, 1999

>I don’t think there’s any bright future. That’s because the people who are producing it are not doing well.
>The people who make it, and the people who want it, they’re always wanting the same things. They’ve been making only similar things for the past ten years, with no sense of urgency.
-Anno, 1996

>Panda Kopanda was made, well, how many years ago was it, when Japanese TV animation was at its lowest. If you look at the history of TV animation, there are many such "lowest" times. It's still at a low even now.
-Miyazaki, 1995 (Panda Kopanda was made in 1972)

> I frankly despise the truncated word "anime" because to me it only symbolizes the current desolation of our industry.
-Miyazaki, 1988

>The general theme in currently popular shows seems to be that the protagonist jumps on a giant machine he couldn’t possible have created on his own, battles the enemy in it, and then boasts about winning. I frankly hate these kind of shows.
-Miyazaki, 1979

>The hallmark of Japanese animation became works with a great deal of pretension, where vaporous and extremely deformed characters inhabited distorted and flashily colorized worlds.
-Miyazaki, 1979, talking about the 60s to early 70s
Why does Miyazaki have some sort of complex about anime?

He seems so critical of it, yet produces great works, yet still remains critical of the fact that others don't follow his "ambitious" trail that the blazes.

Does he just wish for a world that can never exist?
We already knew that, Watanabe. Don't rub the salt and broken glass in.

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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #6

Remember to relax and take it easy. Afterhours edition.


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Requesting Rin as a barista.
Requesting my lovely Lilly please! I'd like a sleepy bedside pic of her as shown in the reference. Anything is appreciated of course, thank you!

Also, if the drawfriend Salmon sees this, I saw your drawing of her last week in the booru and loved it, thank you!
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Requesting Kirika Misono, thanks.

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