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Is /a/ still loving the Hitagi Crab?
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Dumping the next chapter. Remember that all girls are best girl, even if some are objectively more best than others.
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This looks like sweet win. Where can I find the previous chapters, start at chapter 1, and then shitpost the whole way through on /a/?
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Either my internet is shitting itself or 4chan is, just spent five minutes trying to upload one page.

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Do people remember this show? any hardcore fans out there?

Rina was best girl
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I remember this when it was aired

Many cute moments

Didn't really fallow the game
As a fan of the original PSO, this show embodied everything I hate about the anime and videogame industry.
PSO2 fans actually hate it because EP4 which is like 1 year of content updates has story that's pretty much sequel to the anime out of nowhere. Everybody wanted to actually continue actual space fantasy with time loops and we got this shit.

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>"My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I owned in One Piece"

What did he mean by this?

Post One Piece theories.
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It's Luffy.

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This is your sniper tonight. Get in position and wait for signal!
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That rifle looks scaled down too far. Fuck this show.
Is it just me or did the audio in episode 11 sound like it was recorded on a shittier mic? Sounds slightly ecoey robot
God damn, I comment in one thread and it dies, ffs

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>the only good thing of the show just died
Do you also cried when cried when Hare died?
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When she started getting tons of screentime outta nowhere it became pretty obvious where they taking her character. So ultimately i felt nothing when she died.
>Do you also cried when cried when
Sasuga, ESL-kun.
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This is your fit trainer for today.
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Cool. Let's do some stretches first, then we'll start with a run, okay?

Nothing too bad, only 2km round trip on rooftops
>/fit/ trainer has no abs, no arms
No thanks. She can be my mattress actress though.
We can start with the armpit licking exercise.

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Special when?
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That's some sexy water.
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A 30 min tv special and live stream of the stage greeting on Friday

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It's time for homos on ice!
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MC best boy
Is blonde really a guy?
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>Yuri on Ice
>Actually about yaoi on ice

Best OP/ ED/ BGM/ OST in Anime. I'll start

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I like Arakawa under the Bridge ED eventhough I have yet to see the show


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How do you feel about femdom /a/?

and not that fake shit where they're really subs who happen to be on top
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I love it. But that particular one got a bit to extreme for me towards the end.
pick one

Depends, I'm not that hardcore of a guy.

Of course, "domination" does not imply "bdsm" by default either.

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ITT: We praise EMT. She is a half-elf but also full time pure and cute!

Cruzch, Felix and Remfags need not apply.
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Following Acacia's assault on Star, Midora comes from behind and punches Acacia but he wraps his tail around his fist
Somehow Acacia is blown far away from Toriko/Star
Minority World no longer works on Acacia
Toriko rushes to Star, and they have a talk
Starjun explains everything to Toriko regarding their birth (it seems our theory of Back Channel was correct)
About 500 years ago, Frohze was pregnant with Acacia's child
Something about how Frohze put the placenta containing them in a Back Channel for 500 years, and Star was feeding from Toriko's energy
Star keeps explaining anyway, but Acacia shows up again learning that Toriko/Star are his children apparently
Emotional moment between Toriko and Star, Star officially dies then
Some sort of light/souls grabs Toriko and what not, they made him eat GOD
Red is completely revived, some emotional moment between them as well with Toriko thanking Red for everything
Red says that Toriko was the one who decided his full course (aka, he was not influenced by his appetite)
Those lights/souls make Toriko drinks CENTER, and then eats Red
Acacia and Midora with a completely surprised look
Something about White waving Red, Blue shows up as well
Now Toriko is ready to roll again
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>Kochikame eyebrow

I know that unibrow is an hommage, but this is ridiculous
I dunno his eyebrows have always seemed particularly thick to me, not that I cared for the most part. But I'm not too bothered by this either, Acacia already looked weird enough going bald and naked after center.

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How thick is too thick
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when it becomes fat
Only when it becomes saggy
depends on who draws it

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Why choose between Saya and Hotaru when you can have both?
I think they'd be cool with it.
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Coffee candy?
I prefer Saya, at least she doesn't have those Rinnegan-like eyes.
Saya is still better and I firmly believe if you like Hotaru more you don't read the manga and/or you're underage.

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