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Why do we hate her so much?
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Stop projecting
no seriously, everyone on /a/ and /padt/ hates serena

this is one of the few cases where "we" is correct
Yeah, "stop projecting" sounds about right.

She was immensely popular last time I checked

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Alright, so is there even any debate anymore that White Fox is NOT the top studio? Nobody else even compares.
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They are the best at adapting anime right now.
However, they are far from being the best since they're yet to prove themselves by making an original anime.

Let's see how Soushin Shoujo Matoi fares.
Yeah they have Gochiusa I agree. Didn't like Re:Zero all that much but appreciate their effort.
They did a respectable job following the source material.

Quality fell in the last few episodes.

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>Title: A spiling face with bruises all over it

>That's yours, right?

>How sis you get it…!?

>It was dropped on the road, so I took it with me!
>Box: Seeing her smiling face, I…

>Box: got pissed off quite a lot for some reason.
>all these reactions
Jun is literally a girl

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Why is Tamako Love Story so good?
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You already made this thread today.

Simple but universal story told with conviction and a striking artistic vision. Vivid and expressionist imagery, realism and romanticism flawlessly intertwined. A modern masterpiece.
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Low standards. For a story about love, two competing storeowner's offspring to be in love is not only an incredibly dull and common trope, there's no triangles to spice things up

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This Animu Exists.jpg
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This anime exists, and it should be seen!
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D-Frag deserves more care, it is an really good anime actually
It was a fun anime.
No season 2, no watch.

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Why do they always try and make that?
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top ten anime battles.webm
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Wixia is a chink thing.
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Which ending was worst re:zero or madoka magica?

Conversely which was the better show overall?
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>Madoka magica has a bad ending

I think both endings were good, honestly I hate huge cliffhangers when the next season is no where to be seen (if it ever comes) this ending gave it a proper ending you can be content with. (Unless you're a spoilerfag)
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Saiki Thread
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Really hyped for next week and the school trip.

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The Pillar Men has invaded the last anime/manga you have watched/read.

What happens?
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I hope they are inside a banana too
Gash Bell

They tried at least.
There's no way they are beating their ultimate nemesis though.Sunbeam
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They invaded jojo part 4

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Why can't they just talk it over.
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>I didn't read the chapter
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imouto will win the rat bowl
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it's out
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Please be female.
are you gay?
Why? Are you hitting on me?

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>Watched the last episode
>The whole time I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the supposed bombshell that was supposed to happen to pic related
>Nothing happens

What the fuck
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Literal garbage finale.
I liked the happy ending. This just means season 2 will start off with maximum suffering.
Honestly shit ending, hope this doesn't get a second season.

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What can I get you, Anon?
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Water. Alcohol is disgusting.

Bretty gud show that no one liked
I should rewatch this show. I remember it being really relaxing.

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Get in here.
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>tfw Evolution and Revolution sucked dick
>tfw the artstyle doesn't look good in modern coloring/animation
>tfw the books had a shitty ending
>even with all of these negative points, Slayers is still more interesting and original than all of these shitty pseudo-harem isekai LNs Japan has been churning out.
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It truly captures the essence of adventure.
This desu

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3x3 thread! Post yours and rate others
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What's that site used to make 3x3?
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Are you homo, fujo or just open-minded?

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