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Defend your waifu against other anons' opinions of her.
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Kashima's a girl.
>Not preferring reverse traps
You're are waifu is tall.

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Dumping translated chapter.

Read if you like your cakes.
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Now that LN discussions are officially allowed on /a/ - let's discuss incoming Dwarves.
Will Ainz go as official representative of SKAOG or use disguise?
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Papa Bones will ride Shalltear into the dwarf kingdom like a horse.
That will be the first chapter.
Calling it now.
Ainz will go officially. He has to spread the news about SKOAG and make diplomatic ties.
Official, otherwise he wouldn't be able to vassalize the artisans to work for SKAOG and offer them benefits in return.

Let's be honest with ourselves here: Is he ever going to actually release the last Evangelion movie? Anno just seems like he's given up on trying to make the audience happy after how much 3.0 was hated. He seems to have found a steady job making the new Godzilla movies, which people actually like.

Regardless of what you think of the Rebuild movies, you have to admit it would suck to pour your heart and soul into rebooting the old franchise, and then consistently getting lukewarm reception even from fans of your old series.

Will it ever actually finish?
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It will come and we will hate it, but continue to discuss Evangelion forever.
I hope Asuka beats up Rei kek
You know how it goes, even if we think it's shit we are still going to eat it up. I bet the chinks think the same.

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Azami's stupid plan.jpg
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>I'm gonna somehow shut down all restaurants in Japan that don't meet my ridiculously high standards so that the only restaurants left will be those run by my minions that only serve expensive gourmets that most people can't afford.
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You gotta remember that to him what he calls a restaurant is not necessarily what you call a restaurant.

A fast food shop is probably a pig's trough to Azami.

A special of the day store is probably a dollar store to Azami.
Except that they explicitly say that "restaurants for the masses" will be closed down too.
It's more about the techniques than the price.

He wants to make expensive restaurants into, essentially, preposterously high end chain restaurants.

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It's out!
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I don't really see how are they are going to survive in the outside world, but I look forward to the moment they reach it
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dis gun be gud.gif
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Is Ray hinting they will have to kill the adults in this page?

Guy is cold blooded if so.

Is today the day we save Kakeru?
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They should have just let that bitch kill himself
today's the day he does a sudoku
Bigger question, What will happen to OTP?

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marina inoue's voice is sex
her and chiwa saito's voice (voice of a goddess) alone turn me on
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math is flat sin=0.jpg
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I love you Euler and I want to hold you while telling you it's all going to be okay even though we both know that it's not true
tsundere whore

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So did she get moby dicked?
Where are the anti-remfags now
got btfo sooooo hard that they are not anymore around?
Could you just stop this Blue Ram meme you fuck twat

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Mikoto thread
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>only my Rina Satou can shoot
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>This is Mikoto in the near future
Thanks, AAA.
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>gloomy guts
Delete this.

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How did the summer season go for you, /a/?
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I just watched New Game and older stuff I hadn't seen before.

The planetarium robot goes CLANG CLANG
Fuck pic related. The manga looks 1000% better. Fuck I'll probably get the game coming out since it looks better.

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PV's out. Now apologize to Shaft.
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Animation doesn't look so good, but at least the background art is good and aren't the usual ugly CG shit from Shaft.
Oh, that looks better than the last preview.
Fall is going to be nice.
Why Shaft can into faithful source designs adaptation while Kyoani can't?

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Which anime girl do you want to push you around and bully you?
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Kirino is sweet though.
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Ajimu is my only mistress
Fuck off cancer.

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What went wrong? Why did the two parts flop so hard and get tore down by critics?
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People finally realized it was shit.
can't get away with it for too long
>Harem show
Are you retarded?

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Why don't I see /a/ talking about this? It's one of the best in the anime industry. Too bad everything after the anime in the novels is shit.
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Because it's shit.
And the reason is?
>It's one of the best in the anime industry
Why do newfags always praise this piece of shit?

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