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Should you feed lolis? If so, what to feed them?
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Offer her a weed brownie and watch her get stoned

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what did /a/ think of this Trash
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its a ok flick at least. Better flick than Hollywood shit
I can't wait until we have something in BD quality.

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Does NTR make things better or worse?
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It has no effect. A work's quality is decided by the content no what fetishes it panders to.

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Fuck off richfag.

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What's your top anime of the year so far?
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>thinking your opinion matters
This is why I dont rate things
>having low self-esteem
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>overall community is made up of opinions
>your opinion contributes
>could potentially influence others
>or at the very least add to MAL statistics

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New chapter is out.
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Read it earlier. So far so good. But when does braid girl go nuts in the orgy?
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thread brat
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daily circlejerk thread
Not this time! This time it is only brats! You can even post Nenecchi!
Flat brat is best brat.

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>wake up
>see this

What would you do?
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>realize i'm Rito
>get out of bed and head straight to Yui's house
Yui is best girl.
idk lol

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Fuck my little sister.

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>Windermereans lifespan is 30 years old
Macross franchise is 34 years old
>NUNS are instrusive overbearing idiots
Studio execs
>The first windermere/NUNS war was 8 years ago
Frontier was 8 years ago
>NUNS tried to nuke windermere but failed, and windermere got its independence
Battles with studio execs over Frontier
>present day another war begins to take back the empire
Taking back the Macross franchise from the execs over Delta
>Roid and Keith disagree about how they should spend their 30 year existence and the fate of the windermere kingdom
Internal struggles over what direction to take the franchise/ dreams they had about the franchise
>Keith kills roid and his plan is foiled
Acceptance that the macross franchise should die after its 30 year lifespan
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>Roid uses the star song to make NUNS self-detonate
Kawamori poisons studio execs
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The franchise doesn't need to die; Kawamori just needs to leave. Besides, we at Harmony Gold immortalized this franchise as Robotech, so even if no more Macross was ever produced the discerning anime viewer will always have its perfect incarnation to fall back on and enjoy to its fullest. Because we're your friends, and you deserved better than what manchild Kawamori's one-item menu could provide your starving eyes.
t. Carl Macek, the Invid Flower of Life
Kawamori is coming to a con in my city in a couple of weeks, what should I tell him?

Why does everyone insist that the Kyoukai no Kanata movie is better than the TV series when it's just as bad as, if not worse, than the TV series?

This was such a clusterfuck of a story it was insulting. I mean the series was terrible in its own right but this was just pure garbage.
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Mirai is a miracle of the universe though. Never thought I would ever see a battle moeblob.
No she's an annoying cunt whose character amounts to nothing more than a stupid catchphrase.
Are you mentally retarded?

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Was Gendo more right for the wrong reasons, or wrong for the right reasons?
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Right for the right reasons.
Wrong for the wrong reasons
Right or wrong about what? Nigga, he just wanted to be united with his waifu.

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Gif - Houki hair.gif
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ITT:Post the birthdate of your waifu
Shinonono Houki: July 7th
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Black Rock Shooter: September 22nd
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Makise Kurisu, July 25th 1992
how do we find these?

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Does Shinka intimidate you?
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no because I'm a dog
No, but the girl cashier at the grocery store does. Where the fuck am I supposed to look while she's scanning all my food?
Just close your eyes.

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What did this symbolize?
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caster's fetish
Does Castah like girly boys?
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>Jerid's idiotic need to insult a random school kid he didn't even know and who wasn't even that close to where he was standing directly resulted in a blood civil war that crippled the Earth Sphere for half a century, resulted in the death of millions of people and toppled multiple governments.

Why couldn't he just have kept his mouth shut?
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This was a good comedy.
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Thanks Jerid, you useless fuckup.
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Can you blame him?


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>anime will never have a 2nd season
>people crying about not having a 3rd or 4th season
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Anne Happy was amazing. Hopefully the manga will sell well and give us a second season. Hanako>Hibiki>Ren>Hibari>Botan
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be happy

most sequels are shit anyway
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