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What's your excuse for not watching Big Order?

Also manga is over so S2 never.
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the manga ended? canned?
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It ended with the expected final confrontation with imouto.
At what point did this happen? i dont remember this?

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How would the whole thing play out if naruto was a female?
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It would be worth watching
more porn.
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>this is anime is 2016

Are we becoming retarded?
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>this is anime is 2016
Yes OP, you are becoming retarded
why do you hate fun anon?
clearly you are

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Say something nice about my wife!
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Anon, she isn't real. She can't be your wife if she isn't real.

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left or right
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Kohaku >>>> Rem >>>>> Ram >>>>> Hisui

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Have you already forgotten about the best girls of the summer season /a/?
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Hifumi a shit.
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I still remember.
Rin and Ko best married lesbian couple in Anime.

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Anime industry is growing strong thanks to chinese streaming sites.

Why the West doesnt watch anime legal way?
We are not contributing to the industy.
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blue:live entertainment. yellow:pachinko. Brown:overseas. beige:music. green:merch. dark brown:streaming. purple:video packages. light blue:movie. red:TV.
Plenty of people use Crunchyroll.
Streaming is limited and the technology behind it is still far from perfect.
Physical copies are too expensive and still come in volumes with like 2 episodes each.

If there was a streaming site that had everything modern as well as everything old, in great quality with a great player, people would use it more than crunchyroll's prime selection of who cares bullshit.

Similarly if anime was sold at $40 for a full season on blu-ray, people would buy the fuck out of it.

Why doesn't china care about those things?
They're still used to watching the latest movies on VCD on a CRT, they just don't care about quality.

There are reasons why Japan doesn't make things more affordable, but frankly they should just give up and change.

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Where were you when Kirino defeated the sluts that were trying to steal her onii-chan?

And how did you feel about it? Were you on the wrong side of history?
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Trash story about trash characters. The only reason such a story could gain any sort of traction in the first place is the huge market of young men with very little experience with women.
But Kirino herself was a slut.
As a Saorifag my waifu was never in the running so the results didn't bother me any.

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>watching luluco
>kamina inferno cop did a super TTGL
>pirate milf has life fiber cape and transforms into gun
>pirate milf tanks kamina inferno cop shot
>kamina inferno cop decimated

Where were you when Luluco proved that Kill la Kill shits on Gurren Lagann?
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I haven't watched the ending

please don't spoil
Inferno Cop dies
Was this entire show an ad for Trigger's other show?
>Kill la Kill
>Little Witch Academia
>literally who Panty and Stocking parody
>Inferno Cop
>Little Witch Academia AGAIN please watch the anime next year ;)

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log horizon.jpg
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Holy shit what happened to this show?

Season 1 was really interesting and cool, not the usual take on "stuck in MMO world" shit you see but holy fuck, Season 2 is just awful. The few good episodes are ruined by all the romance/"funny" shit episodes. I'm only halfway through S2, does it actually get better?
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>Holy shit what happened to this show?
Change of studios.
And the author of the LNs broke the law and was arrested.
Huh, what'd he do?
smoked weed everyday

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What would Goblin Slayer do if another specialist who was better than him completely wiped out all the goblins?
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Probably take up a hobby
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Ally with the specialist
this, best bros

So, there is a new manga from Yumekuri mangaka.
It's about girl who lives in the countryside and who enrolled in the сatholic junior-high (middle) school.
I'm gonna dump the fresh (third) chapter.
First is the 4-pages ponitail tying.
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Now it's called "Ashita(Akebi)-chan", but initially it was called just "Ashita-chan", if I remember right.

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Does /a/ like traps?
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of course
That's a boatgirl
not the sword
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Don't dislike them, but don't go apeshit over them.

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Is Souma a Gary Stu/Mary sue?
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No, he actually loses.
yeah, but like only to his dad who he's supposed to auto-lose to.

I love Corona-chan!!!
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She looks plain/generic sidekick on first glance but is pretty cute actually. At least in Vivid anime, the design for Strike is not that good.
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And long skirt for a change.
Best girl. I was surprised her golem spell didn't wreck the entire fucking stadium. Just where did all that material come from? She probably could have beaten 2nd best girl Einhart if she hadn't been interrupted.

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