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Ero manga Sensei airs April 2017. More cast revealed.

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Another one of these generic LN adaptations, why is the industry so creatively bankrupt these days?
Isn't Shingeki S2 also spring 17? This is like a revival of '13.
Sagiri >= Elf > all

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I who shall awaken,

I am the Heavenly Dragon who stole the principle of domination from God.

I mock the "infinite" and fret over the "dream".

I shall become the Red Dragon of Domination!

I shall drown you in the depths of crimson purgatory!!!

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So where do Dragons rank in DxDverse, above or below gods?
Above, the gods were afraid of the dragons and were jealous of the amount of power they had over them.
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Odd way to open a DxD thread, but we'll take it.

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ITT: Mediocre anime
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Also a mediocre manga. Same for Soul Eater.
It's fucking garbage.
It's enjoyable as long you ignore the ending.

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Is Go Nagai a meme?
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He's the most likeable person in the industry.
Prove me wrong.
Protip: You can't.
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Literally the truth, gotta love Uncle Go
Nah Uncle Go is great

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ITT: Post Rare Miuras
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>ITT: Post Rare Miuras

A new Berserk chapter
he said rare, not very rare

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Episode in less than 3 hours
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Will there be a livestream?
steam link pls

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How did Saitama become so strong?
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Eating bananas every morning
He fucking tells you in the show and manga.

Surprise Surprise MC gets away with his chastity intact. Does anyone else still give this series any attention or has interest finally died?
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I'll give it more attention when more chapters are released.
How will MC-kun protect his virginity this time? Tune in next time.
Why did you even Answer him.

I enjoyed watching Ghost Stories more than I did Evangelion

4chan Pass user since July 2016.
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I watched ghost stories like 14 times I think. It was on TV all the fucking time
The highlight compilations are much better than the actual show was

The actual show isn't too funny

4chan Pass user since March 2016.
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>whatever that bullshit is

OP you are a fucking faggot.

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Yes yes, you may teach her Calculus III and Linear Algebra but

how do you teach her to love herself and be a happy person?
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With your dick.
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You don't. You let your hobby consume you and that's how you get through the days.

Ultimately it all means nothing, but if you can find love in the intangible, maybe you will not only be able to tolerate your continued existence, but possibly even come to love it.
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It's probably too soon anon.

And with the help of professionals, and providing all the support she needs without rushing or pressuring her. And treasuring her above everything to make her feel loved.

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What does /a/ think of Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan?

this shit's pretty lit
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Its funny and enjoyable
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Biggest surprise of the year for me, it's funny as hell. Top tier comedy with top tier boys.

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New chapter came out.

Sayo's boyfriend a cute
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>Catching up to raw
>mfw Yan and Maki would already be a thing if not for goddamn cockblock teachers
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They are perfect together.
What? Did the teacher find out or something?

>some guy grabs you from behind
Is flying over there.

How do you respond, anon?
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Elbow to the gut and run away.
I see a crocodile

Or was it a flying cow?
Offer to dance a pas de deux with her; tip the guitar ninjas and then run away!

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Your thoughts on End of Evangelion and what was it like seeing it for the first time?
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I cried after watching it the first time and felt way too empty inside

So would you say it all came tumbling down?
you little motherfucker

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Is it yuri?
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See this is why we used to have Shoujo Ai as a genre separate from Yuri. So people would know the characters may act gayer then a pride parade but they were never going to fuck because they have a pure friendship.
Shuumatsu no Izetta and H!Euphonium will be my yuri shows for this season.
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Nooooooooooooo, /u/ anon

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