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So this is the storyboarding genius of Takuya Igarashi.
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He did episode 7-8 in the first cour. Not sure if he did the new episode.
Mafia mode Dazai is scary
Now I want to rewatch this episode.

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They finally fugg this season, right?
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They already fucked and had a baby in the novel.
Fucking based KyoAni. Blowing hetshits out so hard in the first episode like that.

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Mankind's greatest invention
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This thread has potential, mark my words.
I completely agree. But have no pictures to contribute. I'm sorry.
fucking love sandwiches

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>W-what are you staring at, anon? This is my favorite part of the movie! Do you want another drink or something?
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your feet
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OVA studio: Xebec
Manga chapter already scanlated: http://www.mangamint.com/black-clover-81

It's Vanessa time at least.
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Is Vanessa going to be ok?

It fits Black Clover. Irrelevant studio for irrelevant anime.
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Are you literally samefagging all 3 posts here?


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You guys have those backups, r-right?
>implying i still watch anime
Is it Wednesday again?

10 years later and I still don't understand what the point of this show and movie was, it always seemed like something was gonna happen but then nothing does and it abruptly ends.
Even K-on! felt like it had a more satisfying story arc than this.

Seriously what was the point?
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You're watching chinese cartoons.

There is no point.
>the point of this show and movie
Truth is, we are still waiting for an end

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What's next for battle harems?
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>magical girls (male)
Stella a shit.

Cakes can't be magical girls
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They didn't even give a riddle in the first episode. I came here for riddles and this first episode was clearly lacking in riddles.

Still, it seems like it has decent enough direction. I was hoping for a riddle though.
why everyone dump all the shorts today?
High quality cakes abound.

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Big fucking deal
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I would ________ Math.
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I would bully math incessantly but be friendly when noone's around


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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I was just looking around for this post, thx.
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I don't like it.
But I love you all.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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and this is by far the worst season I've seen.
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Back up your claim
wow OP, you must have enjoyed some really shitty shows then

this season may not be GOAT
but it's not shit either

I've watched the first episode of everything so far. None made me want to watch the 2nd episode. WWW.Working got close, but it didn't have the magic of the original one.

Half of the anime so far are 4-8 minutes junk that almost made me stop watching mid-way. I still hope that we'll have something at least half of Mob Psycho 100 or Re:Zero, but so far I'm starting to give up.

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>One week away from release and no threads about it.

Never change /a/

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It's cause it's not a seasonal shitposting anime thing and a movie with the chance to go mainstream since it's by Toho and not typically anime looking. Honestly it looks like it could potentially be a benchmark for CGI motion capture films and you can't go wrong with sexy idols voiced by Saori Hayami in skintight bodysuits getting down and gritty in a death game. Setting expectations to guilty pleasure
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Yeah it's sad /a/ is a shithole with no taste. It's a board where you discuss anime girls just like /c/ except more shitpost.
>no taste
pick both

How much value do you put into visual direction?
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I put value on cute girls.
Episode 1 didn't have noteworthy visual direction, but those backgrounds sure were beautiful.

2nd episode has better staff.
KyoAni perfected the way anime eyes are drawn to be honest

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