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This season in a nutshell
>Anime for gays and fujos: 70 %
>Anime for the sexually confused: 15 %
>Anime for normal folk like us: 5%

What is going wrong with japan??
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>normal folk
get with the times, 4chan is normalfag central these days. kids use it like facebook. especially since that nip guy took over and mods started banning every non-normal post
Look at this normalfag that's in denial

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>BD Boxset release
Wait until Takemoto finished working on FMP.


holy shit

my heart ;_;
Oh shit. It's happening.

> 「甘城ブリリアントパーク」BD BOXが発売決定!描き下ろし&新規CD特典が付属
Fuck you

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Does /a/ still read shoujo manga?
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>posts NTR doujin

Well they are almost the same thing anyway
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Shoujo is shit.

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Where were you when DEEN saved anime?
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masturbating obviously
I was here actually
Watching AOTS Winter 2016 obviously.

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>Liking a no. 2 pencil like Krul
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>Lishafags trying to stir shit up again
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Seal of approval.png
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didn't see one in the archive, time for a sad panda thread.

Starting off with some futa. I need more futa in my life, lets see more willies on women.
Preferably giving them to younger males.

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obligatory sauce
futa is bad and you should feel bad for liking it
Anyway to see what your username is on sad panda?

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Title: The feelings that go away
Panel 1:
Carol: Wooow! It's like a rollercoaster!
Tomo: Is the train really that fun?
Carol: Yeah!
Panel 2:
Carol: No one else is looking out the window. This is so fun, but why don't people notice?
Tomo: (Don't notice...?)
Panel 3:
Tomo: (Come to think of it, I used to get excited about trains when I was a kid, didn't I. Everyone turns into a boring adult the same way, I guess.)
Panel 4:
Box: Three minutes later...
Carol: I'm bored now.
Tomo: That was fast.
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that loaded slow as shit

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This is your ping pong musume tonight.
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Can I have Oppaipai-senpai instead?
I want to see her suffer so badly.
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Good, I'll shower her with praises.

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I thought this was going to be stupid but Ep 1 was pretty good.
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>[PissOff] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 01.ass
I found it a bit average. I like Yuma so I'll give it a few more episodes to see what her story is, but it doesn't seem like anything special (not that there's anything wrong with it).

I want to know more about Shingo-kun. Actually, make me a whole show about Shingo and Tezuka's detective misadventures with a magical girl daughter as a background character. That would be some good shit.
I really liked it too, not my number one of the season but I still thought it was one of the better opening episodes.

I hope we do get more detective adventures, the assistant is annoying but I always love some good detective shit.

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Spider thread badum-tiss.

Toxic friends where we at?

Latest WN chapter spoilers:
>It’ll be okay. I’ll be with you.
>If it’s like this, then you can’t tell which one of us is the onee-san you know.
>Rather than onee-san, it’s more like obaa-san though.
>Ahaha. That’s a fair point. Thank you.
Spider family confirmed best family.
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>Centipede isn't /x/
>frog isn't /v/
>frog isnt /v/
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earthworm pepe.png
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Wouldn't the frog be /pol/? It's the symbol of the Alt-Right.

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What is the worst anime /a/ tricked you into watching?
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Does it have to be all of it?
Sora no Woto
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"Chotto matte anon, please stop running away from me"
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Who is that cute girl?
Nobody important.
my love

What sports would you like to see made into an anime, /a/?

Also fujobait or yuribait?

(Pic related, I would like to see a fujobait cricket anime.)
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>there will never be a cricket anime with warney doing spins and trying to fuck sluts
>or brett lee throwing fast yorkers that catch fire and blow the stumps out of the MCG
>Dance, particularly ballet
>Acrobatics/circus skills in general
>Preferrably fujobait or mixed gender but I'd take anything

Performance based sports are my favourite and with some decent animation they have a lot of potential. Yuri on Ice is a fucking godsend. I wish Cheer Boys did cheerleading justice.
Sri Lankan team shouting howaru isu thatto!!! every time the ball so much as grazes the batsmans leg.

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Why is Japan so bad at writing endings?
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Because money
Who is Japan?
Most characters got a happy ending.

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What would happen if Homura was a boy?
Or Madoka?
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It would be a masterpiece.
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>mahou shouju
>boys and girls
You either get boys or girls.

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