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This is something which we can all agree upon.
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2016 = Re:Zero
Of course.
Up until 2008 is it pretty good.

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Don't you wanna rematch?

>Kagerou Project movie: IN A DAY'S directed by Sidu premiering November 4th
>Second Season, Mekakucity Reload, announced, Sidu is apart of the animation team
>Manga currently on hiatus

does anyone still care about this series anymore or
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I care about it. Only because the story is so convoluted I'd rather have multiple seasons than trying to figure that shit out.
that's why im hoping the second season is at least 2 cour, 3 cour might be pushing it though.
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As much as I love the characters and the story overall, the anime was a clusterfuck for most.
Still kinda surprised and somewhat excited to see a second season incoming.

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Little Witch Academia TV official site open, January 2017 premiere.

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>inb4 sticky or over 500 replies
That's for the trailer debuting tomorrow morning.
is it looking like the show takes place before the movies?

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>Implying you wouldn't do the exact same thing in his shoes
Unless you're a faggot. You're not a faggot are you?
>liking brown

Found the problem
ebin, /pol/ memelord

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>Mou ikkai~
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>kotchi muite
>iitai koto ga motto aru kara~
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Mou Ikkai.jpg
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Here you go.

What would sex with Kurisu be like?
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Really boring and dialog heavy.
Like poop
Your dick would keep slipping off.

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This show marks the death of japanese animation, from now on it will be only otaku pandering TRASH like this

It's a shame Japan will never produce more masterpieces such as Lain, Ergo Proxy or Tatami Galaxy. Thanks for killing anime, MOEshiters
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>Thanks for killing anime, MOEshiters
You're welcome
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>not moe
Moe expert here, this shit ain't moe at all, you know shit

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

79 days!
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Never change /a/. Please don't.

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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on? What do you want scanlated?

Are there people that really use InDesign for typesetting?
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I just started scanlating last month, and I picked something mostly just to start somewhere, and because it had nice raws available.
I think the series is maybe a 6/10, and no one really reads it.
I still like releasing it, and I don't care about e-peen, but I've been wondering if I should switch to something that's more popular, something more people would enjoy.
At the same time, there are a few people reading the current series, and I'd feel a bit bad if I dropped it.

Do you think the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few? Would it be shitty of me to drop the series in favor of something more popular? Or do you think it shouldn't even matter how many people read what I scanlate?
Sorry if this comes off as blogposting.
>the needs of many

What the fuck do you mean needs? Scanlate what you enjoy and thats it. Just don't turn into a faggot that thinks they're a hero because they have 1000> people following a series.
Simmer down mate, I was just having a lark with the Kerry picture.
Like I said, I'm not looking for more people to praise me or anything, but a popular series means more people are getting enjoyment out of the same amount of work on my part.

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The Naruto Shippuden October 2016 schedule was announced earlier this month. Based on the episode titles, it initially seemed like the anime was going to finish off the Naruto manga with chapter 700 and then shift focus to life after manga chapter 699, but before 700 as previously announced.

However, in a complete surprise, the Naruto Shippuden anime will take a different turn and run character shorts starting with episode 480 (which is episode 700 overall, if including the 220 episodes of the first Naruto series). Each episode will be comprised or two parts – Part A and Part B – and they will feature different characters. For example, with episode 480, Part A will focus on Naruto and Part B of the episode will focus on Hinata. From what we gather, they will be flashback fillers.

Take a look at the episodes numbers, their air dates, and the featured characters in each of the shorts. There are descriptions associated with the Part A of the first three episodes. As we learn more, we hope to share the news with you right here on Saiyan Island!

October 20, 2016
Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 – || Part A:NARUTO || Part B:HINATA ||
Naruto is the host of the Kyuubi. He trains all alone in the forest. During his training, a special someone appears.
October 27, 2016
Naruto Shippuden Episode 481 – || Part A:SASUKE || Part B:SAKURA ||
Sasuke wants Itachi’s attention. The parents of both boys suddenly go away for a few days, leaving the two brothers alone in the house.
November 03, 2016
Naruto Shippuden Episode 482 – || Part A:GAARA || Part B:SHIKAMARU||
With the One-Tailed beast, Shukaku, inside him and his uncle Yashamaru passively out to get him, young Gaara of the Desert had a difficult childhood.
November 10, 2016
Naruto Shippuden Episode 483 – || Part A:JIRAIYA || Part B:KAKASHI ||

Welcome to Filler Hell! (Again)

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There are people who still watch this?
Does anyone really care?
for what purpose

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Subs never
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Daiz won't save us.
I don't understand this main character. He is supposed to be a psychopath who doesn't care about human lifes, right?

So why does he risks permanent death and betrays his only ally to save some cunts who tortured him? He acts against his own self interest all the time to save people, what's going on here?
Is there any group planning on doing it?

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ITT: Overrated shit
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2016 is THE year for overrated shit.
More like 2016 has been so shit than any barely decent anime is treated like a masterpiece
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Has otaku pandering killed anime?

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Madhouse is objectively the best studio
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>Alita by KyoAni never
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bait embarrased.png
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I sure as hell can't wait for this shit thread to develop.

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>draw a child
>call her a high school student
This has got to stop.
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Chiyo was smart and skipped grades, she's actually a kid.
That's the joke, silly.
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Did she fuck the cat?

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What do you think about oppai loli?
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The best kind of loli.
Not him but I got you

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