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It's Saturday now but I've still got some music.
check filename
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/r/ Eiyuu
are requests still up?

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Objective truths incomming.

>AoE clear

>Related to slugs
>((cleavage)) filler character

>Built like a race horse
>Soak tank
>genetically fit for breeding

>Best friend
>Best girlfriend
>drinks gallons of beer
>eats mountains of fried things
>no pantsu
>sexually deviant
>embodiment of purity

/a/, choose your Konofu very carefuly now.
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Aqua. You forgot
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Dont give up Aqua.jpg
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best girl bump
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How do we stop Megamin from blowing up private property

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>Five Chinese anime airing in Japan this season.

Prediction:Anime will be dominated by China in 10 years.
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go away chang
If they're Chinese they aren't anime. Fuck off.
This, I hate that MAL and Anichart have started listing them. What are they other than bloodivores?

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>The treasure is friendship
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it won't be
Oda supposedly said it's NOT going to be something intangible like "The journey". Though he might consider friends a physical thing and/or be lying.
I don't know what it could possibly be to put a satisfying pin in everything. Who knows though.

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>tfw no motivation to watch hibike s2
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Yeah I never even finished the last two epsiode of season one because FFF was taking so long with them and I just stopped caring.

The threads were complete ass back then too so that didn't help.
You are not alone. I have yet to see any Hibike shitposting thread that reached over 100 posts

It seems to me that Love Live, Flip Flappers, and Shuumatsu no Izetta hog all the yurifags
>no motivation to finish season 1 because it's boring as fuck
Cute girls aren't enough

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Title: Killer Technique
Panel 1
Carol: Oh, this is close to my house, I think!
Tomo: You wandered a whole train ride's length. You okay to go home by yourself from here?
Carol: Yeah!
Panel 2
Carol: Thanks for everything today! You're so nice, Tomo-chan!
Panel 3
Carol: If you were a boy, I might have fallen in love with you!
Sound effect: DOKI
Tomo: Huh?!
Panel 4:
Carol: Bye bye!
Tomo: Y-yeah...
Sound effect: Doki doki
Tomo: I feel like I just got hit by an incredible technique...I wonder if I can do that...
Even Tomo-The-Only-Hetero can't resist the fluffy cotton.
>tfw you will never be sandwiched between Tomo & Carol's chests

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This show was god awful. I watched it for the kissu scenes.

Athena was the only good thing from this show.

Did you like Campione more than I did?
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Only care about that Nama Cream Biyori doujin.
I liked it, but I have shit taste.
Eh, I thought it was alright. A guy that slays gods for fun was an okay concept.

I wish that immortal Chinese martial artist girl was animated. She seems like she'd be hot and fun.

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Chapters out!

Pic related a semen demon.
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Please let this arc end.
Suddenly I'm interested.
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Qshits are only for fanservice.

So what's the verdinct on new Working?
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own mind.jpg
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No poplar 0/10
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A few genuinely funny moments already. Glorious cast SOU ARU. The original cast was great, but it's okay to move on. The OP is tepid, but nothing can really top SOME WAN WAN and PAN PAN.

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>she (male) is not the main character
How can you fuck so badly?
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He shouldn't be the main character. But killing him fast is bad too.
Good, there will be slightly less shitposting like this.
He'll be dead by episode 3

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I would like to introduce to you our new transfer student, Clint Eastwood-kun
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/reply generic anime reactions
Domo, Ore ga Duyu Peluki Punk.
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Fuck you.jpg
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Oh ya? Well this school ain't big enough fer tha two a us.

Cherish this creature!
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I will senpai but you gotta post more to make a thread.
look fukken stupid

nice filename faggot
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Its today what are you looking forward to
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I want more futa on trap. There's not enough of it.
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I'm not waiting for anything, faglord. I'm ready to make cute futas happy
Only traps matter, futa is gross.

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Why is Kotegawa thinking about being pregnant?
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Because she is ready and wants to breed.
What girl doesn't think about getting preggers?

Hell I think about it and I'm a dude

her hand just brushed up against a guy

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>My parents are overseas
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>My parents always work late and are never home.
>Loud noise goes on upstairs with voices. Parent mistakes it for puberty.
>MC tries to go overseas
>Dies in a plane crash and ends up in another world
>this thread

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