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>think it will be bottom-tier vampireshit that comes out every season
>it actually has plot and is no vampire apologist shit
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Can you stop spamming?
I'm positively surprised by it as well, but the fujoshi-targeting parts of it make it a little awkward to watch.
At least there is apparently no BL. Not even implied.
Are you fucking kidding me?
It's garbage
It's painful garbage

My only compliment to it would be that at least they tried, but it's big order tier bad

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Post overrated shows that are actually terrible

I'll start,
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Revolutionary Girl Urethra
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Gurren Lagann

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tfw julis won da whatever-mc-was-called bowl

>i dont have a green arrow big enough for this
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Well yeah, it was OTP from the beginning.
Julis is perfect and HOT.
I summon Digibro's army of hateposters: Tear down this thread!

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Who will be the one to kill black?
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Another Black man.
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ITT: The REAL protagonists of their respective series
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4chan Pass user since July 2016.
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She actually has her own manga now.

Also other obvious choice.

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What emotion does this face portray?
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"Did I left stove on" XD
"Did this guy just take a picture of his computer screen" OLOL

Delete this.

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Just watched the rebuild movies and holy shit this must be the most frustrating series ever created

nothing, NOTHING is explained
>yes this is an angel go kill him because it's bad
why does he want to kill everyone? where does he come from?
>you should use this evangelion it's strong
what is it? a robot?
>no it has organs and shit
how the fuck did you build it then? why does he have a person soul? why does he go berserk?
>oh don't forget your main mission is to protect this jesus looking son of a bitch
why do the angels want it?
>because then it will go boom
>oh right, I need you to fall in love with your mother clone or something so you can save her later and become a god or some shit
wtf? are the evangelion angels or something?
>nvm go get those two spears with this guy
but I just want to play piano with him
>oh right it's an angel you should know that before he makes himself explode because reasons

and don't even get me started on the fucking protagonist, without counting the times he becomes a bitchy little shit
>get inside the robot
no i do what I fucking want!
>get those two spears
lmao ok, I would do anything to get them, it's my fucking destiny

just please tell me the manga is not this retarded
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Why exactly didn't you watch the original show?
>implying the original show was any better

NGE is a pile of angsty shit.
because a friend suggested it I don't fucking know why I've listened to him

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Well /a/?
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I washed it an hour ago
Why would anyone ever wash their dick?
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delet this

Is Sena a slut?
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Yozora is pure.
Am I?
Pure as in pure shit.

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post anime philosophy.
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You're not special.jpg
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Izuko Gaen promoting the heavy truth of the world and the one that we all need to accept.

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I seriously don't understand how anyone could hate Kill La Kill. Is /a/ just trying to be cool and hate on a popular anime?
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People disagree with you, get over it.
I want actual well thought out complaints.
It was actually pretty mediocre, but was overhyped as fuck by its cancerous fanbase.

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>Tetsuo Hirakawa (Kawa no Hikari, Hori-san to Miyamura-kun) is directing the series at WHITE FOX. Ryosuke Kimiya (Akame ga KILL! animation director) and Daisuke Mataga (Patema Inverted character designer) are adapting Shizuma's original character designs for animation. Infinite is producing the series.
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This is not an Isekai anime, it is fantasy with demihuman MC. Demihumanism is basically a curse as you are literally a top tier offering
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>semen demon
Consider me interested.
>witch speed slut
>bara tiger for the furfags
>social commentary for /pol/ to scream sjw at
This is going to get shitposted to hell and back won't it?

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What is so special about OPM? why not stuff like Berserk get this kind of treatment?
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Too gore, I think.
OPM is aimed towards people who like battle shonen.

Berserk is aimed at people with taste.
muh deconstruction

3x3 Thread
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Space is the Place.jpg
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Good Start.
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Muh anime 3x3.jpg
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pick your princess.jpg
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God tier:
Izetta and the Shota Nazi Emperor

Great tier:

Good tier:

Ok tier:
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Meh tier:
Time Boken
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>rating things in the very first week


I'll stick to Gundam and Izetta this season.
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>pick your princess
Your princesses are shit.

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