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What went wrong?
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She became a shitty "love interest" in a story that's not about romance
The Director a shit.
tsundere is usually a shit archtype

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If you could condense every anime into its' base plot. How many different plot lines would we get?

For instance; plot type where hero turns to heroes as they grow strong together and are able to overcome any challenge through the power of friendship.
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A boy
a Tsundere and an awkward best friend
Someone wins at something.
Someone loses at something.
People hang out.

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Frieza is the best Dragon Ball villain
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you mean was, he got milked to death, turned into a cyborg and became a daddy's boy fag etc.
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Was, RoF makes him lose points and a formidable challenger has appeared.

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What will happen after the party leaves Elf Island?

What's Griffith's goal now that he's actually achieved his life's dream of owning his own kingdom?
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Guts says himself that Griffith's kingdom is just another step of the way. Griffith is a conqueror. His ambition will grow and he'll want to expand all over the world, e.g. Elf Island.

I'm betting Elf Island will be attacked / destroyed in the upcoming chapters.
Why does it look as if gut's neck has suddenly doubled in length?
you know it.

Miura will make it tragic and the death of all those innocent fairies and woodland sprites will fuel Gut's dying rage for Griffith.

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>Overall (sub) : C
>Story : D
>Animation : A
>Art : A
>Music : A

>+ Engaging characters, expressive music and animation, immersive world-building that exudes creativity in every aspect from architecture to battle choreography
>− Plot is so nonsensical that it eclipses the enjoyment of everything else

Does /a/ agree? What did you think of G-Reco?
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It deserves a D. Also

>engaging characters
Sure, if you have downs and enjoy one dimensional characters.
the fucking g self was U G L Y
from mustache turn a to a fucking getter chinese bootleg editon
I'm waiting for /m/ to swarm in and defend this show and Tomino's deteriorating mental state.

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sup /a/lpha males

With Brave Witches on the horizon, what speculations have you made? Obviously, we will get some cock exploding fan service. SW alone is god-tier in that regard.
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I watched Strike Witches because I think the characters are fun and enjoyable, not because of the fanservice

I hope Brave Witches is more of that

I also think the characterization is strong. Perhaps stronger than any other facet of SW.

Anyone else prepared for the flood of bandwagoners who will be all over Sakura once her movie airs?
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But Sakura is shit. She's only good in Hollow Ataraxia and CCC.
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It's only natural. She is the best heroine after all.

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I'm a Sakurafag but I'm sure it'll all be uesd goods shitposting.

Come home
See this
What do?
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Ask my moth-chan when did she grow so much.
Enjoy a lovely domestic life this cute moth woman.



When does this get better than the 2003 version? I just finished the Nina "arc" and it was fucking shit.

They tried to cram the whole story into one episode, Nina barely had any screen time and her death scene is nowhere nearly as powerful as it was in the 2003 FMA.

Did I fall for some kind of meme or something?
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No, I totally agree. The only people who think brotherhood is objectively better are legit Narutofag autists.
If you don't like it now, you never will. Get over it.
It gets better when it gets away from the 2003 plot. They had to cram the old stuff in to make sense

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Would you a Mizuki?
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Why wouldn't I? She looks pretty cute.
yes, boys make the best girls
105 translation WHEN?!

Hello /a/, I'm from /g/ and I just wanted to let you all know they took away our party hats.

Fuck each every last one of you.
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Duh, you need a 4chan pass to see the party hats.

4chan Pass user since November 2016.
You filthy liar. I can see /a/ party hats just fine.
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Wow, that's rather funny. I didn't even notice.

In 10 years, will anyone remember Lucky Star?
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Lucky what?
Is this that anime where they play pretend?
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>Lucky Star is a decade old

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>Vegeta wants to wish himself immortal to beat the Ginyu Force

What is the point of this? Why does Vegeta think wishing himself immortal will give him the strength to even beat them? They would keep kicking his ass until they were bored. Freeza would probably torture him forever.

>Saiyans get stronger when they're beaten nearly to death

..but he can't die, so what's considered near death? Does the wish negate the ability?

I realize I'm a dumb autist for asking these questions but im curious as to what you guys think
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Toriyama is a hack
also Saiyans are supposed to be this prideful race, especially Vegeta. So wanting to wish yourself to be immortal or really strong is out of character.

Basically this
I wouldn't question if he wanted to be the strongest in the universe, but immortal?

>a cute girl like Usami-chan will never be in love with you

How does that make you feel, /a/?
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I want to cum inside Usamin.
>implying she isn't giving me the succ right now
Stay lonely, anon. Sad!

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Left or Right?
Volume 12 translations updated.
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>Myonri is back in action again
Based as fuck. Also glad to see that Old Fashion is a bro.

Why do HO threads die so quickly?
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Everyone was busy with the fall festival today. We had a couple decent threads within the last week or two, one even reached bump limit.

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