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>there are actually people that think the last two episodes of eva were revolutionary kino and not just a result of a low budget & rushed work
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Why it can't be the two? Phoenix Wright had serious issues of resources and the result was one of the best games of all time.
And why not both?
>there are people who fell for the evangelion meme in the first place

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We picked up Rokudenashi Blues. Enjoy!
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I finished this chapter a few days back but Batoto was being a bitch on uploading it... Oh well. Hopefully you don't drop it. Why didn't you include the cover pages?
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What's your opinion on Type Moon?
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Shitty chuuni writing, the absolute blandest character designs ever, edgy melodrama for people who don't read actual novels. The best thing to ever come from Type Moon is the fact that the anime adaptations sometimes get great soundtracks.
Capeshit of anime

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WCW 11 Cover.jpg
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It's that time of the month again, for witchy activity. The new arc starts in proper this time around, with a return to school and the fall semester.

We were on 'summer break' for the past 3 years or more incredibly, with all that past stuff, so hopefully now the story will return to being almost entirely propulsive again.
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As always, sorry for the crappy quality of the raws, its the best/quickest/easiest I have access to. On another note, I always like Sensei's simple color pages.
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-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]
-[The Mikage matriarch has been assaulted!!]
-[The lastest Volume, #11, has at long last been released!!]
-Natsume-chan, long time no see.
-I just received word from Touko-chan's mom...
-Uh-! Uhm...Is Mother...


I was wondering when we'd address this. First time we've seen Sensei proper in awhile.
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-She hasn't regained consciousness.
-However, there aren't any outward injuries, and my examinations haven't turned up anything out of the ordinary.
-I'm sure it's due to some curse she's had placed on her.
-....In the first place, the attack happened three days ago, right.....? And yet look at me going around without a care in the world, not knowing anything...!
-It can't be helped. It's not as if you and my sister keep in frequent touch, is it?


Shiori looks so much younger/different with those eyes closed and without her schtick outfit on.

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Admit that you would be an even greater whore with that kind of body.
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I would be pure and save myself for my future husbando. Stop projecting please.
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Well, yeah? You are gay.
Is this an airing anime?

Is it just me or is the lineup for next season looking really good?
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probably just your eye sight getting worse
Worst season of all time, just like every season.
Even if it was good, does it matter?
You are just going to keep watching boruto and pretend you are watching whatever shows are popular.

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can CC bear childen?
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Leave her to me for a few years and I'll see what I can do.
what kind of shitty fucking thread is this.
are you even trying the least or are you just throwing random shit together?
because if you only want to post softcore lewd pictures you can just fuck off to /c/

i award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul
Mao is her kid

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Local knight betrays everyone!
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Zaganos went batshit insane
outfucking played by the guy who is in 6 feet deep
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fuck forgot the image

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What's the perfect breast size, /a/?
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The one that fully fits in your palm.
Size isn't important, shape is important. Perky small boobs are better than saggy big ones.
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ITT: S2 > S1
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Which girl is better?
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Kanna > those sluts
Of course
Megumin without hesitation. How is this even a question.

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>Sinking your own ship with no survivors.

Why did she do this? Its pretty clear that lit is gonna win but come on.
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because she's suffering from bitchitis. she only decided to make a move because she saw other girls moving in on her territory. if it wasn't for that she would have permanently kept yuiga as her beta orbiter without committing or putting out.
>/lit/ is going to win
You're probably baiting, but no one is even close to winning. If the series ended anytime soon, it would be a non-ending
Is Fumino going to have the same disease that killed her mother ???

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ITT: /fa/ as fuck character
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>/fa/ as fuck
>implying that has a positive connotation
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What did BnHA mean by this
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This is Minori. Say something nice to her because she is bullied for no reason.
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Fuck off Minori.
bad post
good post

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