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What is /a/ opinion on Ergo Proxy?

It's my favorite japanese animation
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Used to be my favourite anime, but then I stopped being an edgy teenager.
I watched it 6 years ago. I don't remember any of it being edgy, please elaborate


We call that edgy around these parts.

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In anticipation of Halloween, can we have a Junji Ito appreciation thread?
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Apparently not.

Do a storytime, maybe that'll help jumpstart things.
this is why we need a separate manga-only board
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I'll post some scans.
Starting with the enigma of amigara fault.

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dat purity.png
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Hmm. HQ typesetter has now joined the ranks of normalfaggotry. There may not be any scans for a while. Anyways, new chapter
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EDIT: Fixed an error. Sorry.

[Title is 'Probing']
Takase Haruhiko
Year 2 Class 1 Soccer club
He likes Kanda-san, but if she finds out, he might stand out, so he pretty much can't make a move.
Kanda Saki
Year 2 Class 1 Soft Tennis Club
She likes Takase-kun but when she tried confessing once before, things got awkward so she pretty much can't do it again.

Work for the Athletic Festival executive committee is a pain
"Takase, what're we gonna do about the three legged race lineup?"

It's a pain
"Ah! Are we all gonna decide tomorrow?"
"B... but!! If everyone decides, won't it take too much time?"

"Should we decide it ourselves?"

If I wasn't with the guy I like
"...... let's do that!!"
Fucking normies
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Like Kanda

Honestly, I just want an excuse to talk with Kanda.
[Kanda] Nobody would mind, right?
[Takase] It'll be fine!!
We ended up together on the same committee

If by any chance
Kanda also...

...no way.
I'm just being conceited.

Takase doesn't think about me anymore...
[Side] So the first one is...
Or so I think

I wanna know how Kanda feels, but if I show that
[Side] How about Toda and Noro?
it'd be scary to stand out

"And 2?"
"Sunagawa and Minagawa!!"
"Onizuka and Yamada!!"

Could I just probe into
How the other person feels?

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warden a cute, A CUTE!.jpg
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Warden is best girl. We need more warden.
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she a cute not many anime girls pull that blue off quite nice as she does
Isn't she the only girl in the show?
There are also two girls of the male variety.

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What the hell? Is she kill?
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Just fucking draw Double Arts already you hack.
Hope NS picks this up.

Almost done with 201 episodes of this show, I honestly regret not finishing this show sooner it's hilarious.
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Best anime of all time.
Very well deserve that it dominates MAL rankings.
>screaming while making "funny" faces
>nose picking
>penis and fart jokes

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One Punch Man becomes the new antagonist of the last show you watched. What happens?
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everyone dies
We get the male side of Keijo!!!!!! sport where Saitama only recently realized you can make MONEY by playing it. All the younger guys were laughing when they saw the old baldy, but quickly became terrified after he effortlessly blew away an entire swim team.
Nothing happens, since he doesn't care about doing evil shit and none of the good guys can put up an entertaining fight so he becomes desperate keeps being bored and doing nothing

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This is a rare Asuka
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No such thing.
Here's a high value asuka though.
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thats a fake Asuka!
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> a rare moment of Asuka not wearing her bitch-y tsundere mask

> /a/ calls it fake

What the fuck is wrong with you people. Miyazaki was right

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Do you like Kizumonogatari LN?
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It's a good read

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Post an anime without actually posting it.
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Steins gate?

Please ignore filename.
My favorite probably too easy

Steins Gate?

NHK? Or maybe 8man?
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So nips will be extinct in 3010?
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>make VR
>make the girl 6/10
What's the point?
They've not been bothering to draw them on males for years

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I want to join the Human Fleet!
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Great one episode anime.
the space squids being people was among the stupidest shit urobutcher has come up with
We still don't know anything about MC's space friend with benefits, do we?

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tomo carol holy aura3453.png
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Will we ever get to see Tomo in something like that?
That really is a death swimsuit.

Like holy shit.
Those could never cover Tomo's tomos.

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This is your date for the night.
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Where's the receipt?
How come some anons don't find her attractive is still beyond me.

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What is "otaku pandering"?

Why is it bad?
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I had to google the word pandering. Lol I thought it had to do with bears.
It's material that is appealing to only the most hardcore fans. It stagnates creativity.
People who watch anime but don't really want to watch anime like to say it a lot

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