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How can a girl from 2004 be better than most girls nowadays?
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Girls aren't technology, anon.
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>a girl
you mean "girls" right?
>no personality
>does nothing interesting or entertaining throughout the whole thing

Even Tenma is a million times better

Wait, wasn't Joan of Arc a good guy, does the Black King brainwash them, or is it the standard anime trope where shit is reversed, devils being good guys etc?
Also why does she have superpowers, did she get them from the Black King, or is it her own, because none of the drifters has any?

Drifters thread I guess
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King Arthur is a a woman!
I'm pretty sure their status as Ends and not as Drifters depend on how salty they were at people at the moment of death.

Besides it's hirano so everything is maximum edge

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Why is it now the cool thing to hate on Jotaro?
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It isn't.
Hate is just the natural reaction to the disgusting JoJo general.
There is nothing cool about hating what you used to love.
They should bring back Jun-ichi Hayama to do the character designs in Jojo again.
Fuck off kid

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>no re zero episode today
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Fucking kill yourself.
I honestly stopped watching after episode 13 when Subaru went full cringey sperg mode. Did it get better after that?
It's literally the Evangelion of our time. I think that answers the question.

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Do she care about her oni-chan?
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She cares enough to try to get him away from those skanks and Holsteins in the Game Development Club (temp)
Where the fuck is season 2?
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ITT: we make up new names for anime and others try to guess which anime we meant

I'll start with an easy one: Tanks'n'Lolis
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The Smart Guy Who Became Black
<Playing table tennis is so fucking interesting>
ping pongers

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What are you working on? What do you want scanlated?

Didn't work on anything for years, have some free time to get back to scanlation. Where can I find some translators? I want to work on some HibaNa stuff but I have only 3 issues in RAW.
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>What are you working on?
Typesetting and redrawing Tsurezure Children.

>What do you want scanlated?
This oneshot dump from yesterday:

We had two anons come through to translate, clean, and typeset it, so I think it just needs redraws and QC.
I said I'd do it, and I intend to, but if anyone else is free to do it, be my guest.
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Anybody knows what font is this?
"Dry Brush"

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How can you say that incest is immoral, when it presents such pure love for your viewing pleasure?
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I've seen you in a few threads already, you must be really pissed off at this newest gundam series.
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Come again?
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Siblings love is the purest form of love.

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Hyouka is _____.
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A shit anime.

I'll start.
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is there anybody in the animeverse that can outwit him?
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I was half-expecting Vegeta to say Zamasu wished for the wrong saiyan body.
Expect Funimation to pick that line up and add it in
Why didn't he say that? Fuck Toei and fuck white people

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God Tier:
Flip Flappers

Yuri on Ice
3-gatsu no Lion

Shuumatsu no Izetta
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume
Brave Witches
Girlish Number
Time Bokan 24
Tiger Mask W

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
ViVid Strike!
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
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>Flip Flappers

i stopped reading right there
>Everything I fail to instantly understand is pretentious

Ok kid.
>Flip Flappers

Is this a potential AOTY or just a meme?

I'm watching a lot of anime this season, and I'm not sure if I should start with this one as well.

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What eroge do you want to get an anime?
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YU-NO, easily. Watching the entire De la Grande part with /a/ would be a very memorable experience.
Bishoujo Mangekyou
if my heart had wings

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>Japanese patreon is now a thing.
>Asanagi, Takeda Hiromitsu, Meme50 and Namoshinai are on it.
>Oyariashito is apparently making a new training game thanks to it.
What should I do anons ? Im already giving my shekels to Asanagi and Takeda Hiromitsu, but at this rate I'lle break down and give all my salary to these fuckers.
We always wished to give our money to these fuckers, and yet is that very wish going to be our downfall ?

I-Im going to break, hold me /a/.

>inb4 shilling for japanese patreon.
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I've never wanted to give my money to anybody. I don't know what you're talking about.
It does involve being a buyfag and being ready to pay for porn in the first place.
Wich I unfortunately am.

>I'm going to make some characters
>Make sure they get tons of screentime and action so that a lot of people like them
>Then I'm going to completely write them out of the story for no inexplicable reason

What the fuck is Toriyama's problem? Krillin's eventual abdication from the story was understandable, as he was used as much as possible before it was just no longer feasible for humans to meaningfully contribute, but Gohan and Yamcha were just dropped from relevance way before they needed to be for no fucking reason.

Gohan's absence in DBS is especially mind-blowingly ridiculous because he played a bigger part in DBZ than anybody besides maybe Goku, and STILL has the potential to be the strongest character.

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Because he got lazy, because his editors demanded moar Goku and because he's a terrbile writter
>Gohan and Yamcha were just dropped from relevance way before they needed to be for no fucking reason.
Toriyama planned for Gohan to become the MC, that's why he was the first to reach SSJ2 and Goku died again. Fans cried, editors bitched, and he benched Gohan to make people happy.
He tried to phase put Goku ever since the Piccolo fight and make Gohan the MC, but every time he tried the readers and editors would bitch, so he eventually stopped giving a fuck about the series anymore

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