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Why cant rance get TV series?
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because Saitama is a more likable character
If you tone the Rance lewdness down for TV airing it's not Rance.
Yosuga no Sora could show sex on TV, just by not showing the genitals. Rance could do the same thing.

>[Commie] Fune wo Amu - 02 [DFAF3D5D].mkv

So uuuh, who's watching this?
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Just you.
I'll just wait for some fag to rip subtitles off Amazon.
Around five people are watching this, and I'm one of them.

It's enjoyable so far.

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ITT characters who get a lot of undeserved hate from people who just don't understand

I'll start
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Rossiu is a cunt.

Only cucks think he did anything right.
Even Simon thinks that you're wrong

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dogatchmon (1).jpg
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New appmon episode today, less than 2 hours remaining. Today we have the grade:super fight between scopemon and dogatchmon, so it should be a good one.

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5aE-QOTqPE

No it's not simulcasted, but all previous episodes got english subs by monday and spanish/portuguese subs by sunday.
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Is this supposed to be some kinda bizarre fusion between Omegamon and Shoutmon?

I don't really understand the concept behind Appmon designs.
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Gatchmon evolution.png
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Gatchmon is a search engine, Navimon is a GPS, DoGatchmon is the fusion of both.

Most Appmon from the lower levels are based around and application or system function, I'm liking that.
But why does it have elements of Shoutmon and Omegamon?

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i've recently hit a wall looking for interesting anime to watch. Whenever I read reviews of any anime that i think could be good, they bomb them, saying "it was as bad as SAO", or "another trainwreck from a-1" or some other.
now, my memory might not be the best there is, but SAO wasn't unpleasant to watch, and if I weren't afraid of being beaten to death with elitists dicks rigid from their self-worship, I'd even say it was good.
now then, tell me why it wasn't, i'm honestly curious.
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Mostly buzzword, anyway the novel goes nowere and progressive it's turning shit, move on.
It isn't so much that SAO is all that unusually bad using normal standards of criticism, but just like with anything that garners massive popularity, it's also going to garner massive criticism, and it simply isn't close to good enough to survive that stress test. It's so easy to rip apart if you set your mind to it. Basically a Walking Dead tier show.
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SAO is interesting from a science fiction and a worldbuilding perspective, but it leaves a lot wanting, which Kawahara is trying to fill in with Progressive. Also, a lot of /a/ doesn't "get" video games, so they don't understand some of the nuances in the players' interactions. I'm a former gamer, so I grasp it better than a lot of them do.

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Is there a living creature within any anime, or otherwise fictional literature, that can even come close to beating this man in single combat?

Go ahead, give it a try. I'll wait here and laugh at you when you fail. You have already failed.
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Imagine Breaker
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That's cute
Anything reality-warping.

>Fujoshit that actually ship their male schoolmates

That's disgusting as fuck, these types of people actually exist?
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Society would still look at that with less contempt than you perving on young animated girls.
Mari Okada used to write romantic fiction about her classmates.
Yes its absolutely disgusting

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I am going to start Dragon Ball Z very soon for the first time.

In your professional opinion, do you think it's worth it for be to watch the original Dragon Ball first?
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You should just read the manga
Are they different continuities? Would reading the DB manga and then watching DBZ make sense?
Same continuity.


>The next generation of Chinese 21-year-olds -- those born in the 2000s -- will be a different bunch and could offer Japan's animation industry an unprecedented opportunity to blitz into the Chinese market, which has so far been dominated by Disney, Hollywood and South Korea, according to a panel discussion held in Tokyo on Tuesday.

>"Those that will be 21 five years from now grew up watching Japanese animation and they understand Japanese culture and trends in ways that those born in the 1980s never have," said Hu Ming

>Yang Xiaoxuan, vice president of iQiyi, China's largest online video site, said that when her company released "Seisen Cerberus" -- a Japanese animation series based on a role-playing mobile game -- in China, it was watched by 140 million people in the first three months. "The animation market in China will be at least worth 20 billion yuan ($3 billion)," she said.

>Yuichi Takahashi, CEO and president of Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo Holdings agreed, saying Japanese and Chinese producers should collaborate from the very beginning of content production
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So China will replace SK as slave labor?
I thought slaves were in 'nam.
That has already happened.

C'mon anon, we're going home
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Straight to Sakura's bedroom.
How rare is a KKK thread and should we try to see if we can catch fire?
Nah, don't bother. Not even the seiyuu's careers caught fire.

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This cute character designer seem to be broken, how do you fix this?
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Insert penis.
Repeat as necessary.
Then send her back to middle school where she belongs.
shit show, right?
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give her a lesbian co-worker

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What is /a/'s opinion on yuri?
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That they can both grind their pussy and /a/ would still insist they're straight.
It's just cheap pandering to basement dwellers.
If it was an actual lesbian relationship, that would be an entirely different thing.
Pretty gay.

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So what will happen in December?
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Are we really gonna do this to ourselves again?
Pachinko, get over it.

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Like every JK, she likes to be surrounded by old men
A slut in her natural habitat.


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not even as a joke
It's a timeless masterpiece
what do you mean

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