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I'm really excited for this depending on the studio. Do you think japan will drop the ball?
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it all just comes tumbling down
i hope it's Xebec, because of Thicc
There's a fifty percent chance the anime is going to be QUALITY to rival twintail, and a seventy percent chance it'll be a flop of colossal proportion because the early parts aren't that good, and a hundred percent chance all tsugumomo threads will be ruined forever by it.

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This season is the absolute fucking worst in the last ten years. No Lion is the only thing worth watching this fall.
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>what is izetta and occult9
Not even worst of the year
>>what is izetta and occult9


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What does /a/ think of Shiwasu no Okina?
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What's his best work?
She's pretty wonderful. Nudist Beach was absurdly hot but I don't think anything will ever surpass "MOM!"

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Post your favorite gifs/pictures from the comfiest anime out there.

I've already won.
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I'm in the middle of the first season of this show, does it stay this good through the whole thing?

We can all agree on this.
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Sure why not I'm in a good mood today
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I guess I'm back doing this for another week.
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Oh yes!
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The spaghetti never stops.

[Title is 'High Five'']
Toujou Mai
Year 2 Class 7 Library Rep
She likes Ogiue-kun but when she's in front of him, she gets nervous and becomes rigidly blunt.
Ogiue Taichi
Year 2 Class 7 Basketball club
He heard that Toujou-san liked him through a rumor, but she's always really blunt to him so he actually thinks she hates him.

The Athletic festival has begun

I wanna cheer for the guy I like
"Good luck Ogiue-kun!! Ogiiiiii!!"


"G...good luck. Murmur"
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I really didn't hear that, but did Toujou-san just
Cheer me on...?

I thought she hated me, but we went to the festival together, so she might surprisingly be okay?

[Side] Takase, why're you spacing out?
[Side] Huh!? I'm not...

... I think
What do I do if I was the only one she was cheering for?

Calm down..
It's normal to merely cheer for him
[Side] Good job
Now be more sociable...

"O...ogi... goo..."
"Good work...!!"


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You guys realize that Hitei was the good guy and that Togame was a literal void of a person, right?

I've seen some people rage about Hitei living and Togame dying as if that was some great injustice
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Togame was a bad person at heart and her father was a tyrant, this is already known. She experienced a lot of growth and development but she openly admitted she was too scarred by her father's death and would never be able to move past seeking revenge.

Hitei wasn't a particularly good person though, she was a spoiled and selfish noble. She's just not as bad a person as togame.
Hitei didn't let her task destroy her, while Togame did.

In Katanagatari those that cling to the past are destroyed, while those who can let go are able to move on
That's why Hitei is certainly a better person than Togame, but I certainly wouldn't call her a good person. I would say she's pretty neutral if anything.

FMA is 10 times better than HxH.
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The original or Brotherhood?
HxH is 10 times more intellectual than FMA because Gon is a deconstruction of the protagonist as seen in Chimera Ant Arc when he became angry and transformed to beat Pitou unlike other shounen protags who are just happy all the time

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how long til we get off the boat?
First for Jun knows and Tomo is too retarded to understand
Lies meet failure

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well, which one, /a/?
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inaba nekkid.gif
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The best girl.

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Is anime getting worse?
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No, you're just getting older and realizing you've already seen it all so only rarely something catches your attention.
Its dead

Episode 5 aired today.
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Something looks wrong.
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Summary: Natsuo and Rui are still not used to dating each other, Momo visits Alex and they try and get over getting dumped, Alex confronts Natsuo about Rui but Natsuo mans up and gets Alex to give up
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Also included: An all text side story that more or less looks like Natsuo and Rui had a fun halloween night
Oh shit, it's out. Link please?

Also, is it just a side-story or did they actually fuck on Halloween?
Also Al is a fucking bitch. Didn't he get the idea earlier?

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why is there no thread about this?
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People on /a/ aren't interested in discussing it, because last season, everyone said that it was really boring, unspectacular, absolutely gay, and that next season would be even more boring.
Because the first couple of episodes this season were pure filler, so it was boring shit.

Now that it's back to present day, people are still not going to to pay attention to it
But people in past threads said the first eps of this season were 10x better than the shlock of s1

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Seriously, what good is Lucy to the guild? Like actual use?
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she has the unique ability to change her clothes with magic. No other fairytail girl does that
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Fanservice and ryona material

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