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Are we in an anime depression /a/?

I'm not even picky but this past year has been absolutely garbage.
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Anime is dead.
You're absolute garbage.
You don't even enjoy anime

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ITT: Characters who may have been autistic
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>The popular jock
>Didn't post Takumi
i've only finished the first season and he didn't seem that bad. does he get worse later on or something?
Not at all, OP's just retarded.
He actually becomes more mature and level-headed throughout the series.

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>pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vwcww79B

>bath, bathhouse (bath house), soapland (soap land), ofuro, onsen, hotsprings (hot springs), and shower H manga

^ sequel https://exhentai.org/s/057ec963f3/831676-205
^ almost everything from this artist, artist:"teruki kuma$"
^ many from this artist, artist:"azusa norihee$"
(kemono/furry) https://exhentai.org/g/975294/18ac2d4327/
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Here's something.
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so which is it? yes or no?
NEET/Hiki Onee-san/Christmas Cake is the BEST

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The United Nations have just decreed that effective immediately, anime is banned with all production to be halted.

What do you do in response?
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Read manga. Also who gives a fuck about the UN?
Cool. Now I can finally put more time and focus to more important things like education?
The same thing the rest of the world does when the UN declares something.


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This is your cat girl for the evening.
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I'd rather the twins.
>Just finished Two Hakuoro
Fucking amazing. Good ending for the trilogy.
Poor Benawi and Munto.

Post endgame couples that a 100 percent will happen
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Unless they go autistic in the end and pair them up with randos

How does /a/ feel about Non Non Biyori? I need some feel-good slice of life shit to cheer me up.
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Shit gets real in episode 3. Be prepared.
Also, what are the best fansubs for this show?

Literally and unironically the greatest slice of life anime of all-time, tied with ARIA. The ultimate feel-good anime.

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Slut poll 2016.jpg
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Ako strong!
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Explain me, why she is considered a slut? i see her in every doujin as a slut
Number 18 is the best idolmaster.

Quick and cheap hands.

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Why are nips so obsessed with him?
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Cool names and chuuni shit
Still, thanks to that we get gems like bloodborne
>tfw no PS4

Dude look, a deer is on the desk. Isn't that HILARIOUS? It's clearly not supposed to be there. I can't believe how funny this is. I might have a heart attack. The deer is on the desk, blocking her vision. This is definitely not convenient for her.
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This post itself is funnier than Nichijou.
Nichijou is boring as fuck

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what would you pick, /a/?
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I wish to be the vampire loli.
Fuck off, retard.
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Phenomenal cosmic power obviously, why be a little girl when you can make as many as you want to do whatever with

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So /a/ what weapon would you give your MC in your own manga? what kind of weapons (swords, bows, spears etc) do you think are better for scaling through the story without them getting a repetitive move set between the frams or too cliche (like a big ass two handed sword)
or do you prefer magic or guns if so what kind of magic and abilities would you like your MC to have

>pic related for me
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His bare penis.
His own fists
At least make it interesting.

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You wake up as Hirasawa Yui.
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> Cuddle with Ui

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>tfw there's been zero news on the new adaption for over a year and its supposed to be coming out in 2017
Did it get axed?
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check em.png
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File: Opening_Credits_2.png (1MB, 1440x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1440x1080px

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This guy doesn't have a reason to be depressed, seriously what the fuck
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He's edgy. That's all the more reason he needs.
He gets NTR'd hard

You will see the flashback soon
This is the biggest seasonal pantywaist next to the DAYS MC, who seems to shed dears around every 12 minutes.

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