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>whacky historical references
>unfunny, out of place "comedy"
>unlimited edge
>character designs look like trash compared to the Madhouse PV

How can anyone older than 12 like this garbage
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>I hate fun, the post.
I wonder how underage you have to be to think shit like this is "fun."
> I like deep, thought provoking, cuck shows like Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.

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Time for an Izumo Kamiki thread. Why is Shiemi so shit?
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Like seriously, when everyone found out Rin was the son of Satan who was the first to sit by him and talk to him? Izumo. Shiemi was too busy rebounding to Yukio.
Shiemi has the same problem Uraraka has - they're the super-sweet-and-innocent female lead that actively avoids romantic shenanigans with all their being. It's super frustrating.
fucking slut

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Wait I thought /a/ likes this edgy manga
Why arent we having a thread about this
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Neat, this is my guilty pleasure and infinite source of comedy.

Didn't the novel get cancelled because of plagiarism?
Maybe you should dump it for everyone to enjoy.

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What's the /a/ consensus on Eureka Seven?
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not bad
It will never get a proper sequel, what a shame.
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>expecting a consensus on anything on /a/

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So how have you been enjoying the best webtoon /a/?
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I prefer Magical 12th Graders.

That thing puts Madoka to shame in deconstructing magical girls.
I don't like how Bam went from "I'm out for myself" to caring for others again. The entire point was that he could not progress any further while caring for a large group of people unless he was willing to throw away their lives at the earliest convenience, so he whittled down his team size to account for that as he didn't want to danger people.

Now he is back to taking care of everyone.
Not anime or manga. >>>/co/

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I liked Nyan Koi.
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Yes, and?
I want to fuck the twins.
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I'm going to read the manga, despite the fact that it's incomplete and rarely updated.

Call the police.


Superior twin.

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reminder that rec threads go here >>>/wsr/
naruto bleach and sao of course
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What the fuck did you just say to me?

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RIP Tatsumi

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didn't actually die. just killed his dragon form.
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Holy fuck, this show is amazing.

>overly perfect MC, so you never have to worry about seeing him lose or get humiliated
>cute, regal imouto who's head-over-heels for him
>likable side characters
>good animation

I'm not seeing a downside.
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all of those things you just described, some people don't like.
The rest of us do though.
Just the best
Those first two points are reasons why people hate it.

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>Last Murcielago translation was released in August

What the fuck happened?
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Seriously, I've been really missing out on these tall psychotic lesbians.
CxC is either slower than usual or they lost staff, because school.

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Characters that /a/ has forgotten
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Damn, no one has discussed her in about 15 years

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Deal with it.

Horror is coming.
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What a disgusting picture.
I hope Hitch gets killed.

>I hate Chocolate, something something otouto
>Take the fucking chocolate Chisato
>Take the fucking chocolate or it's over Chisato
>okay lets fuck

What is this shit? You niggers told me she had _ISSUES_ but it got fucking resolved in 10 minutes, what the fuck, now I actually feel disappointed that she isn't a massive whiny cunt.
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Reminder she is the worst harem girl to ever exist.
Goddamn Lelouch go jump off a cliff already.
Maybe people didn't like how she's evil in the other routes.. Hell if I know, all I see is a girl with a quickly resolved issue that's so 700% dere

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Incest is wrong.
Who said anything about incest? We're talking about which family member is more supportive in your life.

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