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Why was she such a bitch?
And why can't I help but like her anyway?
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She's meant to represent your childhood crush

If you think Haruko is best girl you're literally a manchild
It's the voice

I'll fight you.
>It's the voice
Why does Shintani always voice best girls?

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Why are the original love lives so much better than Sunshine ?
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Both are shit.
Because their designs were at least interesting? More than half of the Sunshine girls look like generic background characters
t. fujo

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I want the new episode NOW!
I want to come on those drills.
>someone else is using the same screencap with same image name
Shoe BTFO.

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Lonely hole.png
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Why is this anime so gay?
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But they have incest
They aren't gay at all. He just wanted to spend his final moments with his only friend in the world. Both are hetero and this was a great backstory.
Why this show is so underrated?

So Chopin is a hikikomori and Liszt was originaly a man
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Why didn't Chopin speak French?
>Next Musik is Lullaby
Production guys probably googled Chopin and saw that he was born Polish and left it at that. They didn't read on to find out he moved to Paris at 21.

45 minutes until AOTY ep. 3 airs.
More best boy incoming.
Strap in, get snacks ready.
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not even AOTS
not even top 5
you're right.

>thread with shitposting in the OP already
Are you actually blind or smth?
Try again.
Ep1 was good ep2 was a let down I dont know

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>old thread dies right as we get scans

Sasuga /a/
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Some kind of link would have been handy :

If someone wants to dump.
Have we known anything about Kiriyama yet?
It seems Osamu need to make a lot of impromptu alliance in the upcoming neighborhood trip if he intend to sway more people to Tamakoma way of doing things.

That's the only way.

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I don't know what to feel
Does anyone have that comic with that old guy and the computer and he goes bang at the end?

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How would it feel to have Erza push your face into her tits?
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>cockblocking the fight everyone wanted to see

Someone please plant an arrow between her tits and take this stupid bitch Mary Sue out.
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"I am you, you are me"

Irene is evil Erza? Erza Black?

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>watching something to fap to the doujins
Infinite Stratos
It's shit
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It turned out to have a good character driven plot.

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>Insanely popular IP in Japan
>Put your absolute best director on it
>Tons of Amazon pre-orders
>Start with so much hype that your first episode actually breaks in to the top 10 in Japan TV ratings

>Completely fucking bomb and lose more than half of your initially estimated pre-orders and never even so much as register in the top Japanese TV ratings after episode 1

I get that shitting on SHAFT has been not even been hard for years now, but Jesus Christ, this is actually a new low of pathetic that is incredibly sad even outside the context of /a/ studio wars.
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What happened?
That title makes me cringe. Whats with these sappily titled melodramas with glasses MC
White Fox needs to gut all the talent from SHAFT since they've often worked closely in the past. SHAFT is fucking done. They need to close shop already.

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So we're finally here
Performing for you
If you know the words you can join in too
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>Back to school
>We have to wait more for the beach

Dammit, I knew it.
It was so close, yet so far...

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Its been dead for oh say 3 seasons already. There are maybe about 5 that do seasonal shit. The BD subbers are in decline too.
In Commie's case, it's probably for the best. The fewer memes the better.
I don't know how herkz can sub five shows in a timely manner and some groups take days for one

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Ryūjin no ken o kurae.png
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Is the girl with the dogbutt showing up next episode or is she being delayed to episode 5 so that the MC's fight can get the most focus?
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Nozomi's race should be on episode 5 since they changed the order of the matches. I'm more interested if they will show how Non won her race.

I really hope they don't put 3 matches in the next episode (Miyata, Non, Aoba). They could easily finish Aoba's match in 2 minutes.
Does it irk anyone else that they use the word race instead of match or some other better suited word?
It irks me for sure, but they do it because it's gambling and in Japan gambling = betting on horses, and a horse match = horse race ergo, you gamble on races, Keijo matches = races

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Do you remember 3 years ago when people thought Mako was going to die because of hidden clues?
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shit tier anime
Still better than re:zero

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