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Worth watching?
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absolutely not
If you dont have very high expectations going in its pretty average. I did kind of like the characters even if the show wasnt very good. Honestly just read the manga if the premise interests you (even though ive only watched the anime myself, but I can guess the manga is better)
Worick was the part Suwabe was born to play.

Would also wallslam Alex.

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Let's post them.
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Why do you have to start the thread with bait? Have fun not being rated because of it.
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Mixed 3x3.jpg
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Why do you have to start the thread with bait? Have fun not being rated because of it.

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Since we're getting Maid Dragon (along I can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying and Komori-san already) you know what NEEDS to get an anime ASAP!!?
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T-Rex na Kanojo?

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When will she knock knock knock, /a/?
Please tell me it happens soon. I'm getting tired of waiting.
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What the fuck are you a psychic?

I finally decided to give this show a try earlier today
Enjoy the funny moments while they last, true despair awaits you

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What went wrong?

And what the fuck is going on anymore?
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Rue island was too rushed and if Eto and Amon are dead that's the worst of it.
Ishida started killing off all the good characters for shock-value. Plus this arc was just a mess that was all over the place.
>Killing Amon
>Keeping the fodder
I'll never forgive him for this.

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Why don't we get life changing series again, /a/?
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I want to see Lord Genome fuck Ryuko
Because you aren't 13 anymore.
TTGL is garbage

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Korean scans out.

Time for more Wendy bullying
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Wendy's fake death in two chapters
Okay, now I finally see Irene is as much of a semen demon as Brandish and Dimaria.

Couldn't quite see it till now. She seemed less interesting than either, or even that ninja with childbearing hips
Finally it's her turn to get a hole in the abdomen

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trying to fit in? it's useless. we all know you unironically enjoyed joseph. we all love him.
Probably Jonathan. I liked them all but he's the most boring, not that his development was bad or anything. Then there's Joseph, Giorno and Jotaro and the other four are all tied for my favourites.
It has to be Jonathan, but it's not his fault. His part was short and he didn't get as much development as the other JoJos. It's also Hirohiko Araki's maturity as a writer/artist. He's gotten better over time, so the older parts just aren't as good as the newer parts. It's unfair that Jonathan is worst JoJo, but it must be that way.

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Jun is gonna have a hard time
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Haha carols already trolling
where the titties?
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>Misuzu's outfit

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Why do boys magically turned into girls make the best girls?
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Because you're a faggot.
Was Naruto's sexy jutsu form worth a shit? Not at all.
Only one question remains: Should they stay a girl permanently, or switch back?

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He is going to lose , r-right?
Yes. Too bad he didn't bet his top 10 seat.
He's going to "lose"

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Is she beautiful?
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She made my heart go doki-doki in my early teens.

Still think she's great.
Yes. can't say much about her personality tho

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>"Madoka is a deconstruction of the mahou shoujo genre"
>"Hunter x Hunter is a deconstruction of the shounen genre"
>"Re:Zero is a deconstruction of the isekai genre"
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I mean, Madoka and Re:Zero are deconstructions. To what degree of quality is debatable, though. I've never seen HxH either so I can't really say if that's true.
hunterxhunter IS the shonen genre. It doesn't deconstruct or turn inside out any trope.
Not him but Madoka is literally just a hack being a hack and ripping off Kamen Rider but turning the characters into little girls while Meme:Zero is a massive edgy turd, if anything KonoSuba is a deconstruction

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See this, what do?
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Kick her out, then perform a spin and crush her skull.
Maki a shit.
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Do whatever Maki wants me to do.
Heel and toe, countersteer and drift all the way as a lesson to this bitch for not wearing a seatbelt when sitting in a car.

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No thread about AOTY?
Seriously and all of you went gaga over fmp and yuyuyu.
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Was a preview released?
>Why are people more excited for staff reveal/S2 announcement rather than a key visual and PV with old footage?
How can S2 be AOTY when S1 wasn't even AOTS?

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