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>her most loyal subject was quietly subverted by the dying thralls of another magical girl
>that secret plot to overthrow Rulership
>those I C E C O L D eyes
>Peaky Angels because absolute sociopath cunts
>Tama is a good doggy

Swim Swim is your new ruler, how do you feel about this?
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I'm so glad I ignored the spoilers. This episode was great.
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>>Tama is a good doggy

Tama is not a good doggy
Tama likes hags
She is a slut. A SLUT.
Snow white didn't hear Leaders' hurried and paniced cry for help. I am pretty disappointed. Why give her empath powers if she isn't going to accidentally pick up on suffering she didn't want to hear?

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Get lost. You wouldn't recognize a goddamn vampire if one jumped up and bit you on the end of your fuckin' dick.
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This dub was hilarious.
why does japan love bowie aesthetics so much?
I think it probably has its roots in Noh theater or some shit. I'm not sure about that though.

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Is Goku mentally retarded?
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No, he's just weaker than Saitama.
>mentally retarded
No, he just always has fightin' on the brain.

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So is this officially, NTR: the manga?
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>when your dad NTRs your body and buddy.
what manga?
That's a pretty tame response to "The chick you love is actually my bitch" from your dad.
MAybe its just at translation thing but I'd expect a "Wait, what?!"
Motherfucker looks like he bought mustard and just found out he was supposed to get Puppon

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I've spent all day binging Plastic Memories and loving it, is it worth going past episode 10 though? I feel like the only place it can go emotionally is downhill, since Isla only has a month left. Either way this is one of the better romance shows I have watched, and the setting is pretty good too.
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Those episodes will happen anyway, whether you want it or not. It's your call, but I see no point in pussying out.
I'm only really asking because it seems like a decent ending point for the series, and I'm worried its not gonna live up to the point it is at now.
How does /a/ in feel about this anime? I'm really enjoying it, and I haven't heard anything about it other than "You should watch it" from a friend.

Yuuko's armpits
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Yuuko's pantsu
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Yuuko's school swimsuit
i want to stick my dick between all three of those

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fuck off narutards
Sakura is pure dogshit
Hinata > all
Remember, nothing is canon unless Kishimoto has greenlit it
This is fanart
Sasuke and Suckura still have not kissed

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Sony Music Records and Aniplex have opened a website for the new idol group that AKB48 founder and producer Yasushi Akimoto will produce with the concept of "idols that cross dimensions." The website has revealed the character designs for four of the idols in the group.
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Reika Satō, 17 years old. She is the student council president and an honor student.
Character design by Hirokazu Koyama of Type-Moon
so, it's still idolshit
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Jun Toda, 16 years old. She acts high class and is a tsundere.
Character design by Masayoshi Tanaka (your name., Toradora!, anohana)

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Honestly, if this is really how he meets his end, the most annoying part is that it was the fat, one dimensional, otaku self-insert character that did it. I honestly hate this fat bitch with a passion. Can Ishida just eraser her fat fucking land whale ass next time he goes to draw please?
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Is it time to drop Re?
I think so nibba
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I feel like he's going to goop back together like some Tomie shit to drive home the whole monstrosity theme, but this series has taught me not to expect anything good from Ishida now a days so we'll see.

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Old man wins. Bitch on the right wasn't challenged by a strong guy, just a fodder enemy. A real alpha male's cock breaks any bitch.
>he thinks old man can even get hard in her presence
She has a katana

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bye, OP.
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You failed Junko you sack of shit!
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Junko failed herself by thinking she could stop the hopeman

What are the words that come to mind when you think of Tohsaka Rin? Confident? Powerful? Beautiful?
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Would you accept a present from a milf santa?
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>Reconfirmed for 24 episodes according to the BD/DVD listing on the official site

What did you think of this /a/?
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Better than MEMEME
Good for my 2D foot fetish
My new favorite short/music video. It introduced me to my daughterfu.

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Ever notice how there's so much Christian symbolism in Anime and Japanese video games that take place in the West? I wonder if they really think we're all still die-hard religious fanatics.
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They do it because they think it looks cool.
Abrahamic religions are almost nonexistent in Japan historically except for a few notable examples.
They use it the same way the west uses eastern imagery, for exoticism

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