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You let her talk to you like that?
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She's a cartoon. She can't actually talk to any real person.
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Shhhhh, don´t ruin it.

*enables sassy black womyn voice*
Nuuhu sweetie, it´s you who´s unnecessary here, uhuuu!
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New episode out
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Final showdown time? Expecting tears and moe gar.
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Anyone else feel like this show would've been better off as a shorter OVA series?

I know those are impossible at this point but half of everything that's not badass loli mechas kicking the shit out of each other just feels they're trying to fill the allotted time.

Why the fuck are they camping in the fucking mall instead of heading straight to their destination for example? Where's the urgency? Then Ken shows up the minute they reach it like it might as well have never happened. And we're supposed to expect he was flying around looking for them for the past 12 hours when we've seen quickly he gets bored?

It's also super convenient for them land there of all places but that's not the point right now.

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>He reads Light Novels.
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>he doesn't read light novels
Is it normal if one of my eye ticks/is more closed than the other sometimes?
>watch a shit anime
>hurr read the LN!!1
Hate these retards.

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What is this adorable creature?
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imoutus nuggetus - the rare Japanese hamster nugget
She's cute but stop shitposting with her.
Deadly Imouto Fighting Viper
She'll take all your money as you fruitlessly try to defeat her at gamecenter gamesoft.

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>Have item that can kill and even manipulate people with out you even being there
>Still gets caught
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His biggest mistake was killing that guy on the TV
he was too ambitious and made really stupid mistakes
He was retarded and impulsive

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It's screenshot grill again with 7 new pages

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Mad women.png
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She did it!!! The absolute mad woman!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!!
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Implying the escalator didn't pull her away moment before impact.
Seriously, wtf is this?
I stopped watching pokemon like 10 years ago, but Misty and Ash were perfect together.
This is bullshit.

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>He watches more than 10 hours a week on anime
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I think I only watch around 48 minutes a week and it still feels like a chore.
Who watched anime anyways when you can SHITPOST about it
How's life going for you? That sounds pretty depressing.

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What's the edgiest thing that you've ever seen in an anime?
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Please don´t v& me.
Black bullet ending
The entirety of Hellsing ultimate

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Gonna get his shit slammed.
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ITT: We post the most obvious plot holes in HxH (there's a lot of them).

In example:
How did the Phantom Troupe never realize that Hisoka had faked his tattoo? Did none of them ever use Gyo to see through his "TEXTURE SURPRISE"? And even if it doesn't work when hidden underneath his clothes, perhaps he was once compltely nude along with Uvogin and Nobunaga in the shower and they used Gyo to see if his rubber dinkie has indeed the properties of gum? Or sureley, one day Machi would check his naked body with Gyo after he had just finished giving her a good pounding & multiple orgasms, just to see if Hisoka is truly such a stud, or he's using rubber and gum to his advantage / perhaps even unleashing gum instead of cum inside Machi's cunny?

It just makes no sense that they would never check for his Texture Surprise when they know he has it!
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And also this
Any Hisoka response you'll get is just rubber and gum, and you know it.

But how can they not see?

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Pic related, guessing top left
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Correct, Noel is just as great.
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I thought it was Euphorium.jpg
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Wrong, bottom right. Bottom middle is ok too.

>Do I even have to say which one?
Design-wise I like bottom left the most, but I'm pretty sure she'll turn out to be an annoying cunt.

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Which anime girl wold you honestly want to rape anon? Mine is pic related.
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I'd rather be an anime girl and get raped.
Rape is immoral.

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Please describe this girl.
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not a girl

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