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Perfect atmosphere & great story. Animation is decent too. What /a/ thinks?
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Didn't think much of it.
best kenshins ever been

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What does /a/ think about Concrete Revolutio?
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Episode 9 is the best. Earth-chan is the best. Why didn't we get more Earth-chan?
I really liked it.
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Threads for it were mostly good. Talking about all the social issues, the historic events, the references to old shows that are all symbolized in form of the struggles between the different superhuman beings representing different issues and ideologies was a joy.

For a show that includes dorky shapeshifting ghosts, ultramen, kaijuus, witches powered by hopes and dreams, cars gattai-ing with toy planes into a flying mecha, little boys born from a nuclear explosion that never happened, time-travelers saving the day by paradoxing himself out of the timeline and so on, Concrete Revolutio does deserve to be labelled a "mature animu for mature viewers".
That is not necessarily a positive thing, since it does mean that you have to be focused on old things to be interested in the themes that the show presents, and thus, you need to be patient.

On the other hand, it still had nice flashy animation sequences and cool fights for those who don't really want to bother with characters talking about the social issues and woes of their time.

Concrete Revolutio is practically the Cool Japan project in anime form. A spectacular failure, but something that one shouldn't miss out.

Also, Earth-chan a cutest.

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Choose one.
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tosh knows who best bleach girl is. learn to do the same.

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What filthy asshole decided to rip off my waifu and turn her into moeshit?
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They look nothing alike.
Rita is fucking shit. Megumin a best

>same color scheme
>asymmetrical legwear
>fingerless gloves
>belted dress

The major difference is the dumb hat and cape, every other difference can be attributed to simplification of details i.e. none of the pockets, items, or ribbons that Rita adorns.

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Can we all agree this is literally worse than SAO
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What do you mean? SAO and Re: Zero are both the pinnacle of storytelling, and by far the greatest anime I've ever watched in my entire life.
The show isn't even on Aldnoah Zero's level of bad.

SAO goes to complete shit in the second cour but Re: Zero is actually pretty good. Not a masterpiece or anything but certainly above average.

This is a scary japanese ghost.
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Episode three is out?
upcoming hentai
comes out on the 25th
Spooked me good.

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Sex slaves! 99% off!
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Do not lewd Ms. Hellscythe!
I'll buy Eu, but I don't want Sera.
I fell in love with Tomonori

Could Season 2 explain what Ako's 3 fingers represent?
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"In all three holes please."
Its the number of dicks she's taken so far.
Maybe she's Serbian

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Why is this show still so good after 20 years and countless rewatches? Just hnnnnnnnggggg. If it was a person, I'd fuck it ragged
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Nostalgia glasses.
I'm watching it for the first time, and it's just okay to me. Outlaw Star was better.
A timeless aesthetic and cool factor.

I miss Yamada.
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I miss Hirohashi Ryo.
Why was the cast ever changed? Did they really think the pulling factor was working at a shitty restaurant?
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Because they want to do more Working but there's nothing left to adapt?

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I'll start.
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It's time to stop posting Rinne. It's not cool to brag about crippling a little boy.
Imagine just grabbing the back of her wheelchair and rolling her down the stairs, and laughing as she weezes while trying to get back up.

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So what are we going to do today, sensei?
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>same faggot making the same shinka thread over and over again

Why is that fag not banned yet?
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The same as always

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royal knights.jpg
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What do you want to see in Digimon Tri before it ends?
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Meicoomon becoming a waifumon like Gatomon into Angewomon.
Something interesting.

Mimi slapping people into action.
Mimi anything is a given anon. She's the best character from Adventure.

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what does he smell like?
cigarettes and depression
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Why is he naked? Is he some sort of pervert?

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Would you let Kumiko play your euphonium?
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How fucking strong is this bitch don't they know how much brass instruments weigh
Would you let Reina play sensei's trumpet?
I'd rather play Asuka's euphonium.

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