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Remember when we thought this was gonna be good?
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It was a more innocent time.
Who's ''we''?
Not really, unless by "we" you're talking about /v/ or something. I remember very little attention paid to it before it aired, and then suddenly all these threads of crossboarders showed up for it.

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Heaven or hell?
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My wive Haruka is so cute!!
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Cynthia > everyone
Fuck outta here chicken chan is the new hotness
Stop posting Ruby

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>Mou ikkai~
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this show had some great art
too bad everything else was terrible
Mo shippai, mo shippai

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2006 was the GOAT for anime openings, and anime in general.

Welcome to the Nhk
Looking up at the half moon
School Rumble
the original FSN opening was great

So many good shows, and the next 2 or 3 years were great, too. What the fuck happened? Have I grown older and grown out of anime? Looking back at the shows of that year fills me with joy, but now, nothing interests me much at all.
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>10 years ago
This was the year right after I started watching anime. I was 15 years old and miserable in high school, yet everytime I look back and think about the shows of this time, I feel as if those were the best years of my life. I wish I could go back.
All were great

It all went downhill sometime around 09, tbqhwyfam

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This is your beach partner for tonight.
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Miss Blue can beat up Scat in a fight.
Looks better too.
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>Looks better too.
>brown hair
>better looking
Her hair is red.

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Caption this image.
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>JoJo reference?
I'm here to help, also excuse my massive erection.

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Rage of Bahamut already had anime. With S2 and spin-off incoming.

Granblue is getting anime next season.

When should we expect Shadowverse anime?
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It better have Ding Dong, if it ever gets one
I hope it's in the end of next year or mid 2018, it would be really nice.


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What are you more sick of in haremshit, and be honest /a/.

MC goes for the shitty tsundere or MC goes for the idiot.
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An MC who is a spineless beta. Who they go for is irrelevant to me, I'll be jerking off to them all the same.
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People who keep watching anime despite hating them and then complaining about them on /a/.
idgaf what the main character does

anime when?
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Not enough cute loli girls to get an anime desu.
I don't want my manga series I like to be turned into fucking CGI shit like Berserk or new Blame movie so hopefuly never

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How do you feel about anime girls that smoke?
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I guess I like the image of an archetype I have of smoking women.
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i would like to have a stinking breath passionate kiss with them, right before i take her virginity
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Currently watching this. I'm on episode 7. What the fuck is going on? This is not a rhetorical question.
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>even Kate can't beat smokers
>What the fuck is going on?
Absolutely nothing. What a fucking waste of potential.
I'm going to do unspeakable things to this loli and there's nothing you can do about it.

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>Mamoru Oshii endorsement

They really pulled out all the stops on this /a/. I feel like if this fails it'll be the end of Hollywood attempting to adapt anime, not saying that's good or bad necessarily.
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I actually don't think the movie looks that awful but Oshii looks like he's being held at gun point in that clip
I just can't wait to see a silly nipple-less version of the making of a cyborg scene.
>Mamoru Oshii endorsement
Can they get an endorsement from someone who isn't a talentless hack?

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>killing angels
I want to cheer up Asuka!

Is it me or is Anime getting more boring? I think this 4 Anime i'm currently watching are the last i'll watch in a long ass time if not forever.
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Did you know that:

There are more shows than just what's airing.

Now you know!
Well what are they?

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