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Would you /a/? An upstanding teacher eating dinner with an emotionally vulnerable young high school girl, been told that she's all alone in her home.

Nothing can stop you from forcefully tasting the sweetness of her young loins
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Sirloin steak comes from adult cows. Young cow would be called veal anon.
>autism speaks
I laughed at least.
You're woefully new

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Who would win in a fight to the death?

In this scenario, Vash can fight with servants.
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I'm gonna say the guy with a gun wins
Its a tie.

Vash and Saber are fucking.
Avalon can block anything not name Saitama so Saber

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What's the best OP/ED?

What's the worst?

Pic unrelated
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OP Devilman
ED Devilman
can't you just post things you like

why does everything have to be ranked and evaluated
OP: still undecided
ED: mahou ikusei ED

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>Wife outearns her husband
Can we all agree that this is a disgusting, NEET wish fulfillment fantasy that's worse than isekai and needs to disappear?
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>OP is triggered
i've seen this episode already
I want to read this

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She's still the best composer, right?

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Kajiura will never do something as good as this:
KnK was her prime
She never was.

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When you start putting pen to paper, you see a side of your personal truth that doesn't otherwise reveal itself in conversation or /ai/ - idle activities
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Happy birthday Seira.
I want to fuck Lala.
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I want to bite Lala.

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You fags would argue about anything
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Kumagawa would lose. It's his thing, it's his only thing. He is screwed.
If we're having a fight with their plot armor on, then Kumagawa would lose. His fate is to lose after all. But if we're talking about feats, I don't know the faggot on the left but Kumagawa would probably wreck his ass.

Kumagawa not necessarily loses fights, he only loses in stuff he really wants to win, like proving a point

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Why Misato fucks Kaji if he reminds her about father?
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Why cant they just kiss and get it over with by hatefucking? You could literally fix everything if every character in EVA gotten laid
not gendo
Everything would have been fine if Shinji was alpha

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What does /a/ think of Yakitate!! Japan?
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decent cooking manga nothing more
Instantly turn to a shit after French arc.

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Do you like Slayers?
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Yes op, I like Slayers.
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Very much so
I wanted to read the novels but realized the TL projects are dead as fuck and will never take off

Go back to bed, grandpa. It's SAO time now.

Fucking dropped this shit so fucking hard

Fuck you KyoANi for being fucking cowards forcing this het shit down our throats. I'm not falling for this shit any more.
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rekt fagboi
That really was forced as fuck.

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post yours, rate and hate.
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Big ol' plus for shinobu, but not a big fan of the tsundere girls
Aqua, Akari, and Hanekawa are top tier my nignog
haven't seen any of these honestly but that one girl from GuP is good

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>bullied as a child
>hates bullies
>becomes a bully anyway because she was bullied

That makes NO sense. The complete opposite of logical, consistent writing.
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It's a real thing. You're the one who doesn't get it.
if cant beat'em, join'em
That sounds pretty typical.

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Is it petty to drop a series if there's no romance at all in it? Do you have any absolute standards when you're deciding whether or not to watch a certain series?
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Animation quality be average and not too many tropes or too much melodrama.
I relish when media forgoes a romance subplot. It's just too damned common.

I get too embarrassed when things get very ecchi so I can't watch that stuff.
I usually drop a series the second it's shown more than one person has a romantic interest in the MC. Sick to death of haremshit and love triangles.

>I'm taking this weekend off.

Why would someone who works a normal job need to take the weekend off?
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Japs usually work 24/7 7 days a week, 364 days a year (they get the emperor's birthday off to reflect on the work that they still have to complete in the next year)
jap culture
Japan fucking sucks.

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