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This brat right here is now the main character of the last anime you watched. What happens?
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She'd get eaten and possibly tortured by ants.
I don't watch anime.
She wouldn't be as smug. Probably would ruin the anime with her voice.

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Is Kaiba cool?
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he flies in a fucking blue eyes dragon jet, you tell me
What caused him to turn super edgy for a while? I forget.

Dear Yuno,
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Just finished this
What a fucking waste of time
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>This was the third most popular light novel series
It was funny, the action scenes weren't bad, and I appreciated all the Miyuki x Tatsuya they put into the anime. I really didn't expect anything more from the anime so I enjoyed it.

If you wanted something really good then this definitely wasn't the anime for you.

Japan simply doesn't make good anime anymore. I mean for crying out loud the best anime airing this season is filled with Yuri and slice of life shit. You either have to accept that anime is going downhill and enjoy it anyways or stop watching entirely.
This thread and your life is a waste of time, finish those too.

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De geso.~

De gesoo!~~
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What the squid are ya talking about?

So do Japanese people really do this? I don't get it: people get fevers of high temperatures because the body is trying to kill the germs, right? What exactly is the point of putting cold towels on someone's head? Maybe it will make them feel better, but wouldn't it make it take even longer to get better?

And on top of that, staying by someone's side the whole time just gets the caretaker sick as well. So by this whole care-giving thing, we not only end up with a whole lot of wasted time, but also another sick person.

Is this some sort of superior nipponjin technique that is just above my level of comprehension, or is it more of a social obligation thing?
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>nipponjin technique
Nah, my culture also does it and I am from Romania. I guess it helps the body to not overheat. Not sure. I doubt we have a doctor anon in here.
if you're fever gets to high the hospital will legit throw you in a ice bath so your brain does not melt

as for the whole japanese cold meme retardation I got no clue I got a fever runny nose and coughs yet I'm still doing shit and also spreading my germs for the lulz
>spreading my germs for the lulz
>ruining people's weeks for no reason

You are a special kind of scum, you deserve to be on the other side of the wall. I always cover my mouth.

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Can trigger surpass this?
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Whatever Imaishi's next joint is really.

They need to buy the rights to Dead Leaves and make a fucking sequel already!
KLK never surpassed the original LWA, though.
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When the fuck is the OST?
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Why are both of Hajimeme's eyes red?
Part of the Nagito OVA plot. A red-eyed Hajime dubbed the "Destroyer of the World" is a prevalent character
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>Chiaki will die
>for the third time

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Wait just a minute,
If Rosa killed Beato before then why didn't she say anything or react when she met Beato in episode 2, like she did in episode 3? Rosa's reaction about Beato in episode 2 and in 3 are completely different.
Anyways who is the best parent?
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Take any scene without Battler with a grain of salt.
It's called making it up as he goes along
I don't even know what the fuck is going on anymore.

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How is this allowed?
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Stupid fat girl
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Too hot and they need to save money.

this guy just bump your waifu, and he is smiling

wat to do?
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Apologize out of reflex.
i will bully him back

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Wake up, see this, do what?

I really wish I had watched Amaburi with /a/
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Touch her biceps.
Ask her to help me get /fit/.

I would probably more than likely die.

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Is there anyone still on here who watched Mai Otome back when it was airing? I used to love the otome threads.
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What about Hime?
I liked Otome a bit more.
was here for HiME and Otome.

what's up senpai?

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Why is she so perfect?
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She was raised by loving parents
>yui and her dad

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Is it worth it, at this point, to start the longer anime/manga such as one piece, naruto, and dbz?

Have any of you watched/read something popular (which you were heavily behind on) and gotten caught up?

if so, how?
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Jump on anywhere and see if it interests you
I always prefer shorter anime and manga which are more dense and character driven as opposed to having long plot arks which lead into another.
I enjoyed watching one piece for the first season, but returning to it was too daunting. Should I just keep going?

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