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Making Gundam great again.
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doesn't the manga go stupid though? well more 4k
Oh fucking hell.

I don't wanna see the fucking dumb ass space buddhist animated. Fuck.

I mean, I get that it's alternate UC, but fuck me man.

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Starting easy (?)
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>MC is the chosen one
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An anime about a normal MC that has to live with the fact that his friend is the chosen one and he also has a harem. Why this never happens?
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>MC is not the chosen one but steals the chosen ones achievements, his harem and his waifu
I wanna fuck that little ko

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Why doesn't someone just shoot him?
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He has, but there's no point in truly answering is there?
I mean I've seen this thread about 8 times now, it's obviously a shitpost.
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Because everyone who carries guns is living their lives correctly. Everyone.

>feel nothing from watching ecchi
>DIAMONDS after watching any given kyoani show (other than nichijou/tamako)

Is this normal?
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Yeah, it's called bullshitting.
turns out wasting all you time on anime didn't kill your imagination. or you have shit taste, either works.
>other than nichijou/tamako
this is not normal

I'll never forget how much 4chan raged when Escha pre-emptively rejected Logy. /a/ was nothing but mass chaos that day.
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Two things.
First, ''Escha pre-emptively rejected Logy'' only because they couldn't make another episode for the full fledged normal ending.
Second, in the real ending they got together again and they're still together in Shallie.
They are? I know they're apart in the middle game of the trilogy. What developments does Shallie bring?
> I know they're apart in the middle game of the trilogy.
Escha & Logy is the middle of the Dusk trilogy.
>What developments does Shallie bring?
In Escha and Logy's relationship?
We will find out next year when Shallie+ will be released outside of Japan.

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There was a new chapter today. Has anybody posted it yet?
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Mob tries to slap some sense into Dimple, Dimple shows how swole he is. 97%
What's it going to be?
I'm expecting anger but it would be boring

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Anime which is impossible to hate
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Yoko is perfect
It's quite easy to hate.

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She's looking at you, anon. It's now or never. Say something nice!
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*unzips dick*
huh ha... hum.. t-the wind is troubled today
Word around the office is that you got a fat cock.

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Does Keijo give you a boner?
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no, my puberty ended ten years ago
>>149873515 When i'm watching this show I dont really feel like it's about the fan service, its more comedy and action.
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>he lost his sex drive

how sad

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Welcome to the isekai equivalent of Robinson Crusoe.
Only intellectuals allowed.

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LN's aren't /a/, you gotta start with the manga chapters.

We might finally finish the Elf Village Battle in the next 30 chapters.
My mind's blanking. Who's that girl on the cover supposed to be? Humanoid!Kumoko has the eyes-in-eyes thing going on, D's supposed to look Japanese, Demon King's a pettanko... and I can't think of another female character significant enough to get a spot on the cover.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot, I'm a KyoAnifag
A lot, I'm a Shaftfag.
Not much, I'm a Ghiblifag.

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>so we rip off Robocop, but give it tits
>baka gaijin won't even notice!
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pecs > tits
Can you put Ghost in the Shell in the OP next time so my filter catches this?

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Last thread we redesigned /a/-tan

We've asked /jp/ and got turned down hard.
But we're now asking /g/ and we may have a chance!

Stand fast fellow /a/nons, it isn't over yet.
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She reminds me of a certain someone.
So is /g/ confirmed yet? I can't figure it out
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worst girl won that series. how did he turn down a purple haired jenius

post the mature waifu
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Do not sexualize Kouji's Mom
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i can't, she is too sexy

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