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Only Oda and Sorachi have congratulated Toriko. That's kind of sad.
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It was a shit series anyway
What the fuck is Terra the earthling?
Nobody cares about the convicted pedo but his friends. What a surprise.

Those two fags are pretty good as far as male leads go, but show would still be better if it was about objects and girls.
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>if it was about objects and girls.
It is?
take your goggles off, fujo

>show would still be better if it was about objects and girls

It really isn't.

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thoughts about re zero
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Adaptation could have been done so much better
Edgy SAO and we all know how shit SAO is

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Why are females who enjoy m/m relationships so much more common than males who enjoy f/f relationships? It feels like for every 1 yurifag, there's about 3 fujos, despite males being the primary demographic of anime.

Anyone know why this is?
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But most yurifags are female.

It's political lesbianism's final frontier.
That is a highly accurate drawing I would love a translation.

There's still the occasional anime that tries to do storytelling. Not every anime is going full tilt to try to sell merchandise to otaku or using the low road of tits and ass to market its merchandise.

Occultic Nine is the fall 2016 anime season's stand out for storytelling. But it lacks the positive raves of those fans who look primarily for instant gratification, lots of miniskirts and pantsu in choosing which bluray to buy. Surprisingly the huge tits didn't even save it.
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Great review, but you should have posted it on MAL.
Preaching to the choir. MAL already loves DEEP edgy manime. Should've posted it on some Japanese site translated into their runes.

Pic unrelated. You can stop cock-sucking A-1 this hard like they're some kind of amazing white knight studio not interested in the money or merch (no studio is built more strictly to be a commercial whore than the sweat shop that is A-1) trying to do what's right for anime considering they can't even get basic pacing right with this one as usual and suck at conveying a rather simple story by over-complicating the shit out of things with "look mah I'm directing" style cinematography because they think they're audience is fucking retarded and need Monogatari style distractions all the time to keep their attention.

Nobody is really buying into it outside of /a/ that has turned into a really disturbing love in for a shit studio that it used to rightly revile for obvious reasons.

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>doesn't bother anyone with her problems
>doesn't get involved in shitty high school drama because she has her own drama to deal with
>has great leadership personality
>does everything perfectly
>looks like a model

Absolutely no reason to hate her, now. If you hate her, you're either a stuck up fag that don't want to change his mind or a dumbass that is mad because she's a perfect and reasonable human being.
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I want to marry her
Same here. There's nothing sexier than a busty tall girl.
>genki girl who is secretly a bitch that hates everyone
The shittiest archetype.

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Will he do a good job?
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Unless the job revolves around killing other negroes or stealing bikes, no.

>100 more years of Umaru posting?
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Queen of /a/
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season 2 is coming!
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Umaru thread?

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Why isn't there more decent fat guys becoming romantic with cute girls /a/? What is this mix of pig and cute called?

Can we get a thread about it going?
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So what are these manga pages from, and are they SFW?

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>right is literal skeleton
>still superior to left
Why is this allowed?
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Celestia a best though.
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Lisha is the example of cuteness and lover

Maybe elaborate a bit and I'll see what I can tell you

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"P-please don't tell Tomoya what we're doing here!"
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Silence ntr bitch
child bearing hips

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Best Shonen Jump manga since 1997!
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Are you ready for Semen's Plan?
Looks like a fucking jew. Dropped.

What is its plot?

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Can someone explain what the subtext is behind Evangelion?

What exactly is going on psychologically with the characters?
Do the angels symbolize something?
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>3DPD whores are shit and annoying, pick yourself a waifu and live happily
pretty much this.
At least that's what Anno wanted to convey.
It's like the same message as Mememe
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all you need to know is that asuka is the best girl.

and read up on the hedgehogs dilemma, the whole show is about peoples failure to connect to each other for fear of pain.

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>It's a cool and complex character who isn't trying too hard episode
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Why is Chrollo objectively a Best?
He isn't. Hisoka is vastly better.
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>rapeclown is better than Chrollo

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What does /a/ think of sand-elves?
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They are subhuman trash that should be put in a cauldron and boiled until they admit they are heretics and accept the punishment.
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But Lukshana is not a sand elf, she's a cool elf. The best elf in the show.

The boring moebob titty elf was the worst elf.
louise A SHIT

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