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What's her problem? Is she autistic?
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Hane was super cute and this show is criminally underrated.
Fun things are fun
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Ueshama's best character

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Have you gotten bigger yet, anon?
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I'm getting bigger as we speak

If you know what I mean
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You must have eaten lots of food the past few days then and your gym routine seems to be paying off.
>If you know what I mean
You have to be more specific

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Autism. Also, what were the reactions to Futura's goal last week?
I thought it was pretty hilarious

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Who will carry his legacy ??

Damn it, why satoshi is died goddamnit.
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His son
He's going to live to age 130, so the next guy is probably still in diapers
Depends on what you mean by his legacy, likely the answer is no one.

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What's /a/'s consensus on this?
Just finished Part 1.
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Part 1 is really good.
Part 2 is meh.
Part 3 is edgyshit garbage trash.
>Part 2 is meh.
>Part 3 is edgyshit garbage trash.
Not at all
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Part 1: "The good one"
Part 2: Pretty much an even more EIGHTIES version of part one.
Part 3: Pretty much crap save for the soundtrack and the looks of the Garlands - Eve feels alot like Minmay in this btw. overall animation quality is quite good id say.

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Hey guys, E7 AO got pachinko


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Who the fuck cares?
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True end confirmed.jpg
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I do

If there's only one thing in that show I cared about it was that

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Is he kill?
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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA
>Pudding autism wave

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No more Sad Panda
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Works on my machine
Nah, it's still up.
can you prove it?

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Saraba chikyuu yo...
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Oira wa sabishii supeesuman~
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YAMATO 2199.gif
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Tabidatsu fune wa...


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She won!
She motherfucking won!!
The childhood friend,older sister type, non obvious first love interest won!
She was the monster/Yokai competing with principal(read boring and normal) human girl and the other ounmiyouji girl, she was older than MC, was almost allways the one to show she liked him since the begining, and yet she won.
Best girl won.
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Best opening.
Yura was the best choice for glorous nippon damashii. Tsurara can rape the 4th heir.
Was it axed?
The author answered all the questions, but ending the great fight in 3 chapters felt kind of rushed.

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This is Pokemon
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My Metapod just used Harden.
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How did you enjoy the great fantasy adventure /a/? There will be a Season 2 coming in 2017 right /a/?

Why was Nashetania best girl who Adlet should've sided with?
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The image is wrong...
bunny lost an arm in the novel
The image was before the arm lost.

Next year Vol 1 translated goes to NA & EU. New manga chapter soon.
I don't even know if I want a second season.
Rokka no Yuusha was a big surprise for me, I expected generic fantasy, instead got Batman vs Supernatural Knights murder mystery. But I can't help but feel that after the case is solved it'll slide into it's generic niche like most of these stories tend to do.

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what does /a/ think about JoJo?
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any of those things good?
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I did not even watch it. You asked what I think about it. I say "things" since all I know about it is Dio memes.

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Would you a Mount Lady, /a/?
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I would let her step on me
Of course. I want her to put me in her suit while she wears it.
I wanna explore her vagina like a cave and ejaculate in separate parts of it.

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Why are japanese voice actors always so hot. Normally, the hotter sounding the voice, the uglier the real person, doesn't apply for anime I guess.
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The industry wants to sell the person behind the voice to the public in order to make more money, people want to adore good looking people. Also like most famous women, they hide behind kilograms of makeup whenever they are put in the spotlight, possibly even photoshopped for still images. It's easy to make even ugly women look good to the average person with the right make up.
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