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The protag of the last anime you watched has been replaced by DIO, what happens?
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I guess it would be way more entertaining and way shorter.
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Wh... how... I don't even...
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He hangs out in the library and talks about books he hasn't read. He never becomes a vampire, and never comes close enough to anyone's fortune to murder them over it, so he ultimately lives a happier and more fulfilling life hanging around in high school talking shit with his pals.

All good times must end, however, and he eventually graduates. He gets a law degree, and has a great time really screwing people over, but eventually gets debarred over poor conduct, so he's unemployed for a while until he gets a job as a professional wrestler, where his acting skill and stand combine to make him one of the most popular names in pro wrestling. At the peak of his new career, he is killed in a tragic construction accident, but his name lives on for decades afterward through the various memes his time in the ring inspired.

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Starting with best saber, huh OP?
I can respect that
>draw a girl
>call it son
Why is this allowed?

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>those last two eps

What the fuck

So this is a contender for AOTY right? It did so many things right.
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bump I want to know /a/'s thoughts on this
The teru fight was better.
Yeah it's the only anime I watched this season. Everything else was boring. It reminded me of opm at some points but it was still good regardless

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In other words, I love you
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Good thread.
Hello. Is Destrudo still around?
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Your rei is love thread didn't go well, huh?

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What do you think was the saddest moment in GochiUsa?
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Hahaha nice general, fag.
It's not a general, I'm trying to start up an actual quality discussion.
When it ended

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Remember when Sakurako and Himawari were hunting a snake and it sounded like a series of lesbian innuendos? I miss YrYr.
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Don't remember. I should probably rewatch YRYR soon.
Season 4 when?

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I just finished Hare + Guu (+ Deluxe + Final) and I don't know what to do with my life anymore. What did /a/ think of it? It's got a smug loli so it's an automatic 10/10, right?
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i don't know anon...
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This show made me a milf lover.
I want the manga to be translated in its entirety.

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List reasons why Chitose would make the best girlfriend and wife ever.
You can do it, /a/.
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I get to spoil her
We get to write songs to her. Also she's really cute.
1. She's cute
That's about it, really. You can do better than her OP.

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You just entered your room and Ume-sama is making out with a girl on your bed.
What's your course of action?
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pull up a chair, and enjoy the show
kick them off so i can take a nap
Wait until Ume is exhausted from all the wild scissoring and then take her doggystyle.

It's the logical thing. She wouldn't make out with a girl on my bed when she didn't want me to take her.

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So, I want to revisit Dragon Ball Z. Should I go with regular DBZ or KAI? Which is better and why?
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kai uncut

read the manga
between the 2, TFS abridged

...H-here's your tea, anon-san. Do you need anything else?
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gimme bj u slut
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Why is she so lewd?
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her reactions or her personality?

cause she though doing it was just kissing and didn't even understand how reproduction worked untill she was in her current year of highschool.
Because she acts like the average ronery guy on /a/.

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Does /a/ love retards?
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autistic daughteru.jpg
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Tohka is a very bright girl

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How edgy is too edgy?
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You can never have enough edge.
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When characters start smiling like this is an insta drop
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Anything that involves any sort of serious competition or malice at all

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What does /a/ thinks of Ghost Stories?

I used to watch it when I was a child in CN, it was spooky.
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Only good dub ever
It was on Cartoon Network?

I liked it but you have to realize that some of the humor still fucked. Still, quite good.

Lies. YYH is better than the original and FMA has good dub.
>It was on Cartoon Network?
Yes, but in Latin American, broadcasted with a straight Latin American Spanish dub that, of course, it didn't had any of the American dub jokes.

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