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So I'm a super late fag and I've been marathoning on K-On and I'm on the movie. What stood out to me that minors were able to board an international flight and then go through US customs.
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I want to time-travel to summer 2012 /a/ and spam the front page with k-on movie threads
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Mugi pulled strings, or Ritsu and Azusa sucked some serious dick.
I went on international flights alone since I was 14 without any problems, it's no big deal.

>US customs

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Fuck. This hit too close to home.

Imouto thread I guess.
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Fucking your imouto hits close to home?
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Won't be posting the rest.

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There's a distinct lack of operating in anime in the past some years generally when we had Jormungand, Canaan, Black Lagoon, etc. type of shows around.years ago.

How can we remedy this situation to the nips?
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i dunno man. world needs more blagoon.
If Canaan and Jormungand are the best of recent "operator anime", then I'm glad it's dead. The days of Gunsmith Cats and Black Lagoon are over. Hell, I'd even take Madlax or boring-ass Noir over Canaan and Jormungand.
I'd rather have actual cartoony animation than fucking animation of people operating.

There's little worse than seeing a cartoon get squandered on shit that is far easier to do in live action, which would look much better to boot.

What personality type is your waifu, /a/?
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Same here.

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dumb floozy.jpg
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>Different setting than most series
>College aged people doing college age shit
>Opportunity for real, emotionally mature relationships and their struggles
>still fuck it up anyway

Why did this have to suck so much? Why do romance anime in general suck so hard?
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Does nobody remember this show?
The girls aren't cute enough
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You know the romance had nothing to do with golden time sucking.

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galko thread, starting with a bad image
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Galko fucks niggers.
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S2 never ever.
why live?

>open door
>see this
>wat do?
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>close door

fucking jehovah witnesses
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If I opened the door from the outside, I would have to walk through her, and then I wouldn't see her.
If I opened the door from the inside, the door would push her out of the way, then the door would block my vision of her.

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>you will never impregnate and then marry Ageha

Why the fuck is this allowed?
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which one is this
You clearly know who the author is, and you know the name of one of the characters. Why not put the two into a google search?
I don't care enough

This is Nunnally Vi Britannia! The 87th Princess of the Britannian Empire!
Say something nice about her!
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I bet she has a great view from the palace.
Something nice about her
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Red would suit her better.

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You can only save one, who do you save?
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The deaf one, so she can't hear me fucking my husbando in the other room.
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Math. Easiest decision of my life.
Maria and Sodachi are the only ones worth saving from that list

I found this dog outside and gave it a sandwich, now what?
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euthanize her
Now you must give her a life of love and laughter.
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Pet the doggo.

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How did we go from this....
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...to this?
To this?

Guys, I just realized I accidentally missed episode 13 of Zan while I was trying to get a remotely decent screencap of Kiri.

I am very excited.
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My thread is dying despite these sweet numbers.
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Your thread could die with nothing but approving thoughts.

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What did they mean by this?
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Why can't we get sound webm like 2chan?
Because our image server is now hosted in a Guatemalan cave and consists of two raspberry pis soldered together.

We're lucky image size hasn't been reduced to 1mb max.
NTR bait that ended wrong.

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Do best girls ever win?
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Yes. Pic not related.
I don't care for your implication.
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Ami-Chan should have won

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