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Episode 11's subs are finally out, rip soonish I hope.
For the other two or three anons that are still following it, I mean.
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Episode 12 you mean? 12 came out a little while ago and there haven't been any subs. What's going on?
Yes, I fucked up.
Fitting, I guess.
The show ends next week. Hopefully subs aren't delayed then.

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Why doesn't someone just shoot him?
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Maybe things will go faster if I do several chapters a day
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Chapter 3.5: It looks like this will be the best day ever (de sourou)

Today's Sunday!
I'm gonna roll around all day (de sourou)

[SFX: ごろ = roll]
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The perfect posture...
Eludes me (de sourou)

If I do this, my shoulder and back bones will.....
I don't wanna focus all my weight there...


If I do this, there's the muscles at the center of my back...
This... just... just feels weird and uncomfy...
[Pic has 'back' kanji']

I say that, but if I sit like this...
The lumps of my ass will continue to bother me...!! This isn't relaxing anymore!!
[Pic is ass kanji]


What a Sunday...!
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I have to count the lines on the tatami...
1 2 3 4 5 6 oh this is so much fun. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...

I give up...

Maybe I should go out
But if I do it'll feel like I lost.

Every person who goes out on a Sunday is a...

Whoa! This position's great!!!!

Now I don't have to make my body work so hard....
It's a little hard to breath, but for some reason it feels good. It makes the human brain operate somehow...

It looks like this'll be the best day ever...

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What anime do you like to watch when depressed?

I can't watch SoL because it reminds me of how shitty I feel when looking at all the happy characters.
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I don't get depressed, I'm not a whiny baby.
Anime recommendations belong on the worksafe request board.

i watch anime because it's omoshiroi and better than doing nothing

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These are Japanese Stakes.
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I'd eat their steaks if you catch my drift
>you will never be raped by them
why even live
something something deito Lucifer

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a shit.
good thread
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

37 days!

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2nd Christmas without moot.

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>Anon, I can't sleep. Come tell me a bedtime story
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My favorite time of the day was always bed-time, because that’s the time daddy returns home from work. He’s a fireman and he’s saved lots and lots of people.

‘Little Jack, my boy.’ He always says when he reaches home. 'Come on, it’s time for bed.’ He would then scoop me up from the floor and carry me all the way to bed and tuck me in, and he doesn’t leave my room til he reads me a bedtime story.

One day, however, mummy got a call in the afternoon. She started crying when she was on the phone, I didn’t understand why. When she hung up the phone she came and sat down next to me. She was still crying and that made me feel very sad.

'Mummy,’ I asked. 'Mummy, why are you crying?’

It took her a long time to answer me, by the time she responded I had already returned back to playing my Lego toys.

'Jack, daddy’s not going to come home for tonight.’

I was confused. 'What about my bed-time story? Daddy always reads me my bed-time story. Is daddy coming home tomorrow?’

'Oh, honey,’ Mummy still looked very sad but she was trying to smile a little bit, I could tell. 'Honey, I don’t know.’

That night I was put into bed early by mummy, she said she needed sometime to herself. She still looked very sad and had been crying the whole day. That made me sad, too, because she wouldn’t tell me why. I think it’s something to do with daddy not coming home, but I don’t understand why she’s so sad. Daddy would come home like always, wouldn’t he?

The next day mummy became even sadder and was crying all the time. Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit and they both were crying too. Nobody told me what was going on, all they did was hug me and say 'Oh, Jack’ over and over again.

I think it’s something to do with daddy, I think. I think he’s sick, that’s why he didn’t come home last night. But he’s okay now, he just came home.

I was already in bed by the time he came into my room, but I was very happy to see him.
'Daddy!’ I cried out in glee. 'Daddy, you’re home!’

'Jack, my boy. You’ve gotta be quiet, now, we wouldn’t want to wake up mummy, wouldn’t we?’ He made a shushing motion with his fingers and climbed into bed next to me. 'What do you wanna read today?’

I picked The Big Red Tractor, and daddy read it very well tonight. He did all the voices and even gave Sally the Cow a funny high-pitched voice. It made me giggle.

However daddy said he had to leave after he finished reading me the story. He said he has to go back to work, he’s got a lot more people to save. I was very sad to see him go, but I know he has to. It’s okay, he promised he’ll be back tomorrow to read me another story. He also said to keep his visits a secret from mummy, too. It’ll be fun, he said, it’ll be our little secret with each other. I don’t really see how it’s fun, but I’m okay with it.

Every night for the next two weeks, daddy came home, like he promised, and read me bed-time stories before I slept.

One night, however, after finishing his story, daddy said he had to leave for a long time, and couldn’t come to see me anymore. Why, I asked. He said that he had to go to someplace far to work, to save even more people.

This made me very sad, and I didn’t want him to leave.

'It’s okay, little Jack. Daddy’s going to be far away but I promise you that I’ll be looking out for you all the time, okay? And when the time comes, you’ll be able to see me again, and don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you.’ Daddy picked me up from bed and hugged me very tightly. He felt very warm and smelt of smoke, but I didn’t care.

'Don’t go, daddy.’ I said as I started to cry.

'I have to, champ. Don’t forget what I said, okay? I’ll be looking out for you. Take care of mummy for me, won’t you, champ?’ Daddy had already walked towards the door.

'See you around, little Jack.’

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fuck me, ume
Why is there a thread about this show every god damn day? What was so special about it?
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>What was so special about it?

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latest YG is out; promo material for upcoming quad tank release & live action
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No Saki in this volume, but Ritz left a note:
>咲 の 実写化楽しみ です ーーーーー 服装 を 普通 に し て おけ ば 良かっ た と 後悔 し まし た ー
"I am looking forward to seeing Saki in real life - I regretted that I should have ordered clothes as normal -"
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various promo displays
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throw your money

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Why would any sane being build a city in a crater?
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FREE walls
That's a big crater.
>it rains

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Reminder that Gunnm is still ongoing.
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Cambrian Chapter 16
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Why do Japs sleep on the floor? Why do they hate beds?
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Because they didn't even have European beds until 65 years ago.
They're poor as fuck so they don't have beds and conserve space. They still even love sitting on the fucking floor and only have some low ass tables.
I've always wondered about this too. Maybe it's softer with the mat flooring, but you'd think that a European style bed would be more comfortable. Unless space really is that serious an issue.

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>Generic Isekai at first glance
>Somehow actually interesting

Why aren't you reading New Saga, /a/?
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it takes months to translate and the novel translations will never get passed the manga

hopefully it will get an anime one day

also it's not Isekai (just straight up fantasy)
Cant say you can consider this isekai when MC is not a japanese person transported to a fantasy world.
really love this time travel new game+ premise

if only there was a series where instead of the MC it happened to a side character or love interest

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