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How does that tail stay attached if it's not even close to the base of her spine? That's not anatomically correct.
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She is extremely tight.
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>not anatomically correct.

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Spoiler are out early!!


It's because I'm a Godess.
Left text: The goddess Elizabeth manifested herself!!
Right text: The two transfer their souls into the great "Kings" and now cast the legendary era into their eyes.
Bottom text: To be continued in chapter 201 / The ones that fight together.
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Margin text: King and Diane can only face defeat!! The motionless two are given a choice by Gloxinia, and it is…
Center text: A healing power from the formidable enemies in the brink of defeat.
Spirit Spear Basquias - Form Seven "Moon Rose"
"Drop of Life"
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No… way…?
Did you just heal… our injuries?

I went to great lengths to store the drop and now it's gone pschitt.

Were you trying to make an idiot out of us or what…?
What the hell were you trying to do!!?
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"From this point on, we will train you two."
That's what we said.

Why can't we make animation like this in the west? What's preventing us from reaching this level?
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Lack of interest.
Because you could just do it with actors instead
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>What's preventing us from reaching this level?
Consider how people reject RWBY as anime, how would you expect people respond to future American anime works? Too bad Monty died prematurely; otherwise, he probably have taken several people under his wing, to become successful at American anime production too. It's really up to some new American talent to take up the helm.

>not wanting to make money producing anime

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Dumping v6 extras and omake.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'll post this sometimes so you can think about it.
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I don't like it
but I love you all
I am the fin of my fish.

ITT: forgotten by /a/
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Rozen Maiden.
actually rather than being forgotten, old fags are properly gone or dead.
Modern Magic Made Simple.

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>that one manga site that changes its entire design for no fucking reason

Whats her name?
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>streaming manga
>manga site

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was trying to find a version of Ghost in the Shell to watch and flipped through a few version, when the english subs and the english dubs are different... i immediately began to hate anime and now i cannot trust a single word of it
what do i do now
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>what do i do now
Kill yourself.
The dub has to flow with the characters speaking, while the subs can be a translation of the script, meaning the dub is undoubtedly more butchered. Furthermore, translation is never literal, and so there will be variances and liberties taken from translation to translation.
>what do i do now
Learn nip, or watch the subs if in doubt. Dub only as a last resort or on rewatches. Also, fuck off to >>>/wsr/.
Leave and never come back maybe?

Can someone explain the ending to this show to me? Was it meant to be confusing or was it just bad? Other than the last episode, I though it was alright, barring the lack of development between the girls and the MC.
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It was some crap about the spirit of the self and baseball. Keep in mind the author was dropped by his publisher to the point he had to put the ending online.
A different ending from the anime?
only nerds remember anything but the opening

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Explain to me, why does /a/ love Shirobako so much?

I tried it when it first aired, and I was so bored I dropped it midway through the 3rd episode. Give me one good reason why I should give it a second chance.
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Do you enjoy bullying red heads?
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just watch paranoia agent episode 10
not really no.

Decided to finally give this series a go and holy shit I never expected watching metal balls fall to be this exciting.

Holy shit

Can we have a Kaiji thread?
Akagi and rest of FKMT works also welcome.
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>no interest in Kaiji

It was great, I should really get around the manga just to know what happens with the butter face forced waifu, her father and Kaiji's future, but I really don't have time to learn mahjong.

He hates it!
You don't need to learn Mahjong. I actually downloaded manga in preparation since I want to immediately jump into Part 3 after I'm, done with this.
And guess what, the opening of Part 3 translation had the translators include a comprehensive guide to the simplified mahjong used in the arc. Apparently Kaiji has a simplified mahjong, not like Akagi and that's why that guide by translators is enough to get you to understand stuff. And after that I heard it's back to more conventional gambles like poker.

first time trying to translate this using GIMP.

This chapter is after when Iori's sister visited

Dumping the translated version here
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>give it a girl's voice
>call it a boy

Why is this allowed?
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>Why is this allowed?
it's cute
Hmmm no Hachiman dont touch me there
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>give it a girl's voice
>call it a boy

Why is this allowed?

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Looking forward every week:
Hibike S2
Yuri on Ice
Saiki-kusou Psi Nan
Ping Pong Girls


There`s nothing good to watch so i am desperate:
Stella no Mahou

Everything else dropped, and i started season with following like 30 shows.
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best season of the year/10
All the hyped shows that should have carried this season turned out to be meh. Flip Floppers is flop and barely has animation. 3gatsu is failure as expected from Shaft. Drifters is ok, but uninteresting to watch since read manga ages ago.

Oh, forgot to mention surprise AOTS though: Girlish Number keeps delivering
3-gatsu no Lion
Anitore! XX
Flip Flappers
Fune wo Amu
Girlish Number
Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki
Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Nobunaga no Shinobi
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan

Everything else.

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In front of you is a time machine.
You can choose to travel into the past and make sure up to three series can get a second season. What is your choice /a/
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3 more seasons of Code Geass
Are you sure that's a time machine. It looks like a rocket to me.
I travel to the past and get filthy rich by patenting future technology.

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