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Adlet Meyer!
Hole, Portable Hole.
Living onahole.

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>check nyaa
>it isn't out yet
I want my weekly dose of gay rugby.
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In 2,5 hours.
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OP a shit. Ill be able to post caps next week.

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Is this the greatest manga ever written
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Middle portion of the manga was shit and God was an unnecessarily pretentious addition by the mangaka.
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that was a good one, anon
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lets hear it then

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Where do you rank DIO among the great anime villains?
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best in the world
Valentine>Kira=Pucci>Diavolo>Part 1 Dio>Part 3 DIO>Kars

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It's ou-
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>MS picks up World Trigger
>Ashihara's condition immediately deteriorates

Can't even laugh.
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>Yuru Yuri is still the best source for reaction image

what went wrong ? is anime industry dying ?
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you stopped watching anime
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Get with the times, jii-san, New game is better
You just missed flying witch

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>take a photo
>put on some photoshop filter
>apply gaussian blur so nobody notices
>your retarded audience will think it's artistic and praise you for it anyway
>save on budget
>two birds with one stone
Kyoani finds a way.
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Bluring this background to give focus to the characters is a normal thing to do.
It's not "normal", but it it's certainly a good idea.
> to give focus to the characters
Because your audience is too retarded to focus on the first plane?

Sasuga GodAni.

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This is your emperor now.
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Mating press with love.
Umu! I love Nero!

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Are there any other news on FLCL2 apart from the fact that the Pillows are coming back for the OST?
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Breaking News:
It's gonna suck and not live up to the original
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I was about to post that!
Great minds think alike anon.

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There's still a long ride untill Saturday but we are almost there.
How will Actas fuck up this time?
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I will sell my soul for an edit of this.
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Great, now she's pissed off for you all letting the last one die so early.
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Nero is better.
Jeanne is better

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Is this anime as intellectual as people say?
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> animu
> intellectual
Sure. People don't actually say this is intellectual, do they?
>Madhouse's 2011 adaptation has been met with near universal critical acclaim. While the series as a whole has received widespread praise,[134][135] the Chimera Ant arc in particular has been often singled out. In addition to being met with rave reviews, the arc has generated considerable discussion and analysis of its themes, symbols, characters and structure throughout and in the aftermath of its run. The arc is commonly viewed as a deconstruction of shōnen and action anime;[136][137] other readings have focused on supposed symbolic parallels with Buddhism[138][139] and nuclear war. Nick Creamer compared the arc to a “war drama”. In a lengthy essay, Creamer read the arc as a study of, and in the end a simultaneous critique and defense of human nature.[140]

>Much of the writing surrounding the arc focuses on its villain, the Chimera Ant King. Largely echoing Creamer’s conclusion, Luke Halliday, in an examination of the character, describes his story as “an exploration into what it means to be human.”[141] In the piece, Halliday describes the King's development as “one of the most interesting and captivating in anime . . . [the King's] journey is simply unforgettable” and states his own belief that the arc “will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime”.

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Left or right?
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Left for sure

Fuck Mitsuki (not literally)
Are you sure?
far right, the tree looks interesting

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aldnoah zero.jpg
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What do you think about it?
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I wish to Her Highness Asseylum Vers Alusia to step on me with her high heels and look down on my earthen pathetic life.
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I want to destroy Slaine's boipussy

I just finished this the other day, and I didn't really understand why this show caused such a huge fuckin divide

main things i heard were that the manga girls were cute and the anime ones looked like downies, and generally just how shit the rotoscope was. But, other than that, why else was it such a shit show to peeps?
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There is no huge divide, it was hideous and only a small subsection of contrarians and/or hipsters and/or trolls bothered to watch past the first episode. It's shit, the manga isn't much better either.
I thought the manga was considerably better, and I didn't mind the show. Feel the 6-7/10 was pretty justified

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